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The 9 Best Gardening Tools for Seniors to Make Your Hobby Easier!

The 9 Best Gardening Tools for Seniors to Make Your Hobby Easier!

Gardening weather is back, and we’re happy about it. Whether you’re elderly or a caregiver of a loved one who enjoys gardening, it’s time to start looking for the best gardening tools for seniors.

Gardening weather is back, and we’re happy about it. Whether you’re elderly or a caregiver of a loved one who enjoys gardening, it’s time to start looking for the best gardening tools for seniors. There are many health benefits of gardening for the elderly including:

  • Increased vitamin D from getting more sunshine
  • Decreased risk of dementia
  • Boosts mood
  • An enjoyable way to get exercise
  • A combatant for loneliness
  • And so much more!

Gardening is a beloved hobby for many. But as we age, just as with many other things, certain aspects of the activity become more and more difficult. Though gardening might seem simple in theory, it does require somewhat labor-intensive elements, especially for the joints, that ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and weakening muscles can make difficult and painful. 

But that’s where ergonomically designed gardening tools come in. 

With the right tools, many of the difficulties associated with gardening as we age can be alleviated. This can not only extend the time we have with a favorite hobby but our quality of life as well. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the best gardening tools for seniors that will help keep those green thumbs green, pain free, and thriving for years to come.

  1. Ergonomic Hand Tools
    A good set of ergonomic hand tools are some of the best gardening tools for seniors. When your hands just can’t cut it on their own anymore, sometimes all you need is a little help. Ergonomic gardening hand tools are simple, but significantly effective.
    You can use these tools if your hands are just beginning to give you trouble as a preventative measure to keep your hands from giving out quicker than they need to. Or, if your hands are already a source of concern, these helpful tools will take much of the pain and struggle out of the finer points of gardening. This will allow you to continue your hobby with much more ease despite the condition of your hands.
    Some of the most commonly helpful ergonomic gardening hand tools to keep in your gardening tool kit include:
  • Hand rake cultivator
  • Small transplant trowel
  • Standard hand trowel
  • Serrated hand weeder
  • Weed remover tool
  1. Ergonomic Pruning Shears
    One of the most painful actions to perform with your hands if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis is squeezing with pressure. Unfortunately, this action is critical to many important gardening tasks such as snipping and cutting. The pain of using traditional pruning shears for these purposes makes the tasks extremely painful and in some cases impossible. The strength required to cut through a larger branch or stem in one squeeze might just not be there.
    But that’s where ergonomic pruning shears come in, and what makes them one of the best gardening tools for seniors. These handy pruning shears were designed with the aforementioned complications in mind. A three-stage mechanism halts the flexing action of the handles, making cutting through thicker limbs much easier. If one squeeze doesn’t cut through, these shears hold your progress so you can continue the cut with another squeeze.
  1. Ergonomic Gardening Hose Nozzle
    Another common and critical gardening task that is made difficult by needing to use a squeezing motion with your hands is watering your plants with a garden hose. Many seniors just don’t have the grip strength to squeeze the handle on a standard garden hose and hold it long enough for effective watering. That’s why an ergonomic gardening hose nozzle is one of the best gardening tools for seniors. With this nozzle attachment, all it takes to water your plants is a simple press of a button with your thumb. The water will remain on until you press the button again to turn it off. Easy peasy.
  1. Electric Tiller/Cultivator
    If the back-breaking work of manually loosening up soil is out of the question for you, one of the best gardening tools for seniors with strength issues is a lightweight electric tiller/cultivator. Simply turn on the machine and hold on. This makes turning over soil, churning out rocks, and breaking up clumps a breeze.
  1. Rolling Garden Seat
    Sometimes all you might need is just a seat to sit and rest on while you garden, and maybe even a little push! A rolling garden seat is one of the best gardening tools for seniors because it allows you to sit while gardening, giving relief to your back and making getting back up easier. Additionally, the wheels allow you to move about to other sections of your garden while seated, making the need to get back up less frequent.
  1. Kneeling Pad/Garden Kneeler
    If kneeling is a pain and getting back up is a struggle, one of the best gardening tools for seniors with knee issues is either a simple kneeling pad or a more elaborate garden kneeler.
    A simple kneeling pad is a specially designed cushion for your knees. Both the material and thickness used in the design helps relieve pain associated with kneeling for extended periods of time.
    If getting back up after kneeling while gardening is also a struggle, a more elaborate garden kneeler might be your best option. This handy device has a cushion for kneeling, along with handrails for assisting you as you get back up. Also, it can be reconfigured into a seat if a seated position is preferred.
  1. Garden Tool Pocket Apron
    Rather than walking back and forth to get the tools you need or having to bend over to pick them up, keep them on you! One of the best gardening tools for seniors is a garden tool apron with pockets to hold your tools. The best aprons for the job will be made out of sturdy material to withstand your sharp and weighty tools, an earthy color to mask inevitable dirt and stains, and plenty of pockets for organization.
  2. Raised Garden Bed
    If bending over is one of the main reasons gardening has become difficult, bring the garden up to you!  A raised garden bed is one of the best gardening tools for seniors who suffer from back and knee issues. Elevating your garden takes the need for bending and kneeling out of the equation altogether, making it easier to keep up with your hobby. This is also a great option for seniors needing to accommodate a wheelchair.
  1. Protective Sun Hat
    One of the simplest yet best gardening tools for seniors because of its importance is a protective sun hat. While there are numerous health benefits of being outside in the sunshine while exercising, gardening will likely keep you outside longer than is suggested without proper protection. This is especially true for seniors, as skin begins thinning with age and becomes even more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Apart from a dedicated sunscreen regimen, a protective sun hat, particularly one with neck flaps, can provide much of the sun protection any avid gardener needs.

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