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Essential Gardening Clothes to Beat the Heat This Summer

Essential Gardening Clothes to Beat the Heat This Summer

Here are some essential gardening clothes that can help you beat the heat this summer:

When it comes to gardening in the summer things can get hot! Without the proper equipment, you can expose yourself to harmful UV rays, be dehydrated, or start to dread tending to your garden. Even during the hottest parts of the year and dealing with the Texas heat, gardening and landscaping can still be fun and healthy for you. The trick is to do a little preparation with your wardrobe. Remember though, even with the proper equipment nothing can substitute correct rehydration techniques. Before getting out in the sun make sure to drink plenty of water and rehydrating fluids so you’re ready to take on the day.

Here are some essential gardening clothes that can help you beat the heat this summer:

  • A hat with neck protection
  • Moisture-wicking clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Gardening gloves

A Hat with Neck Protection
Many people like to do their gardening with a ginormous floppy hat. While this can be a lot of fun and stylish, it’s not always the most practical choice to keep you healthy. Instead, consider finding a wide-brimmed hat that also contains a back flap for your neck. This extra flap will help protect you from harmful UV rays. Notably, a hat with a neck covering protects an area that is hard to apply sunscreen to but spends a lot of time exposed to the elements. You can find these types of hats all over the place from box retailers to independent custom hat makers.

Moisture-Wicking Shirt
You’ve probably heard a lot about moisture-wicking technology. It’s almost referred to as this magical piece of clothing that you can never feel “hot” while wearing. That’s not necessarily true, but moisture-wicking shirts do help you stay cool during the summer months. Moisture-wicking shirts help create a cool layer of sweat to protect you from the heat. Unlike cotton which soaks through, moisture-wicking technology often evaporates sweat fast and uses it to keep you cool.

Moisture-wicking clothing, specifically shirts, comes in all types and sizes. You can find fishing shirts that incorporate moisture-wicking technology, workout gear, and working brands that fit this bill such as Carhartt. Whichever you choose, make sure to invest in a long sleeve shirt of some kind. That way, you maximize the cooling effect on your upper body and get the added sun protection of a long sleeve shirt. Try to find a shirt that will give you UPF 50 and above.

For pants, you can also find moisture-wicking gear as well. You can even find shorts that have moisture-wicking capabilities, although they are most likely limited at best. Additionally, shorts won’t provide you with the comfort and protection that a nice set of pants will. Try to find pants with multiple pockets so you can keep your gardening tools on you. 

Also, try to find a light color of pants and shirt to reflect the sun. This will provide you with the most UV protection while also maintaining functionality. You can even find gardening pants that have knee pads already placed within the pants! Although, we still prefer to buy separate pads for robust cleaning. You can also find moisture-wicking overalls if that’s more your style.

Sunglasses do more than just keep the sun out of your eyes. A little bit of sunlight is good for you, but a lot can actually damage your skin to the point that it seems like your skin is “aging” faster. Essentially, when you don’t wear the proper protective eyewear, you will start to notice more creases and lines across your forehead as well as under your eyes. This is due to you squinting under direct sunlight.

Gardening Gloves
Gardening gloves make digging up roots and protecting yourself easier. Make sure you find a pair with extra padding or tougher materials. That way, in case you run into any plants with thorns or thistles, you don’t have to worry about hurting your hands. The last thing you want to do when gardening is cut your hand on some bull-nettle. Gloves also protect your hands from harmful UV rays.

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