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December- 2021 Livingston Report

December- 2021 Livingston Report

FISHING FORECAST:  With duck season in full swing now don’t forget the great fishing on Lake Livingston in December. Weather patterns this time of year will influence the fishing more than any month.  Best fishing will occur with a warming trend and south east wind. Look for Whites to migrate to the river channel with a sustained water temperature of 55-58’. December weather can be tricky and make a big difference in fishing.  A strong cold front with high pressure can give fish a case of lock jaw.  December is a good time to get your boat in the shop for any maintenance tuned up and ready.


Black Bass {largemouth} Slow for Blacks now on lower lake boathouses taking craw jigs. Fish the cut banks in the upper lake creeks around wood and rocks with June bug creature baits, also concentrate on the deeper boathouses here. Fish the rocky points with the crank baits.

Catfish Good limb line fishing for flat head cats in the river channel baited with live perch. Trotlines good baited with fresh shad near the old river channel. Jug fishing fair in Bethy Creek. Fish Harmon Creek dead standing timber with a popping cork rigged 3-4 ft. down baited with fresh shad.  Also, drift fish shad around mid-lake and lower lake for Blue Cats.

Crappie Pre-spawn Crappie will be in the deep holes around the mouths of major creeks. Fish live shiners near the bottom on a slip cork.

White Bass Whites will be staging now for the annual spawning run up the river.  Weather patterns will dictate the bite. Be ready for Whites to be moving into the river channel near Riverside.

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