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December 2021- Conroe Report

December 2021- Conroe Report

Black Bass: With water temps being much cooler, many of these bass are holding to some kind of cover, being boat docks, stumps, or any kind of rock structure.  Crank baits, spinner baits and plastic worms are all good bait choices in these areas. Often I find that the late evening hours are a much better time to fish because water temps will warm up a few degrees.

Crappie: With cooler water temps crappie will often bunch up around deep brush piles and along the bridge pilings such as the 1097 Bridge. Minnows and crappie jigs are both good baits to use in these areas.  Also, try to bring crappie up from deep depths slowly because they can get the bends and die if brought up too fast. 

White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass:  The best thing about trying to catch these fish is that you don’t have to get up early and freeze to death.  They can be caught throughout the day because the sun brings schools of shad to the top of humps and points making it easier to locate and catch these fish.  Slab spoons and trolling pet spoons are the two best and easiest ways to catch these fish.

Catfish: Catfishing on Lake Conroe is usually always good.  I like to bait up several areas with range cubes or milo along river and creek channels and use dip baits on sponge hooks to catch these fish.  I will fish several of these areas to look for the best action and larger fish.  The 1097 Bridge is also a prime spot to catch cats as well.

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