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7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business Online

7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business Online

7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business Online

You’ve taken the leap of faith and started your business. Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking for some extra help to get your name out there. Either way, knowing how to grow your business online is a key factor for your success in this day and age. But, it’s not enough to just have an online presence. You have to continually hone your skills at marketing your business and targeting your audience to reach potential customers.

This may sound like a considerable challenge but take a breath. We’ve got you covered! Check out our seven tips to successfully grow your business online. 

Get a website that works

How many times have you visited a website, saw that it looked and functioned terribly, and decided not to use that company’s services? Your website is the first contact online users have with your business. It is essentially the big first impression that will help these customers decide if they want to use your services or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mom-and-pop shop selling jewelry or a massive e-commerce site. You need a website that functions perfectly at all times and has an updated look and feel.

Make it easy to get in touch

If your customers can’t contact you easily, how will they book or use your services? Your contact info should be readily available on every page of your website, as well as on search engines like Google. If you’ve made changes in-house or changed numbers/contact information, you should get this information updated as soon as possible on your website. If you want an easy way to communicate with potential customers, try using a contact form. You can build one directly into your site and customize it so that potential customers can fill out the information you need and have it sent directly to you.

Grow your business with an email list

Reaching customers after they leave your website is nearly impossible. That’s where email lists come in. This is an easy, cost-effective way to reach out to your potential and returning customers and keep them coming back to your website. There are many great options for email marketing services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact that will help you set up a system and schedule your emails ahead of time.

Build organic traffic with SEO

This is one of the best, most effective ways of bringing organic traffic to your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is designed to help you build a search-friendly website that not only attracts customers but gets you ranked higher on search engines like Google. It requires following a set of guidelines and techniques, but with a bit of practice and help from sites like SEM Rush, you can become an SEO expert in no time.

Write a Company Blog

A blog is an easy way to build your audience, promote your services, and help your SEO ranking on search engines. Start building a content strategy to help you plan what you want to focus on, the keywords you want to use, and creative ways to market your business. Do some competitor research and find out what blogs are the most popular on search engines for that topic.

Social media

You can’t afford not to have a social media presence for your business this day in age. Social media is how people connect, not only to their friends and family but also to businesses worldwide. This is a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers. Not only can you make it fun with custom posts and photos, but you can also gain readership by sharing your company’s blog posts. This helps create organic traffic and growth. They even have numerous social media post scheduling tools to help make the process simpler and easier to plan ahead.  

Use Google Analytics

Take the guesswork out of your business traffic and performance with Google Analytics. This program uses data to track, analyze, and save your website data to better understand who your visitors are, where they are coming in from, and how they interact on your site. This can help with ad targeting, content strategy, and lead conversions. Make the most of your data with Google Analytics.

Trying to run an online business can be a struggle, especially if you’re new to the game. Word of mouth is great if you’re only running a small, local business. However, if you want to expand your reach and get the most conversions for your company, you need to have a website and content strategy that actually works. Try out our seven tips to successfully grow your business online, or contact The Dock Line for more information on digital marketing services tailored to grow your business and get you real results.

Still need help? At The Dock Line, we specialize in small business marketing needs! Head over to our site to connect with us today!


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