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It’s all in your Head: Changing and Expanding

It’s all in your Head: Changing and Expanding

It’s all in your Head: Changing and Expanding

Over the last few years, I have enjoyed writing here monthly. I usually try to supply Ear, Nose, and Throat medical information that I hope you find helpful for your own health. This month I am changing the format to announce some changes to my office.

As you may know, I started my ENT practice in Montgomery County in 1988 when I joined the Sadler Clinic group. When they, unfortunately, ceased to exist in 2012, I moved to an independent practice in my current Montgomery location. It’s very hard to believe it’s already been 10 years since that time. I am very proud of the care we have given to my wonderful patients over that time.

I’m sure you can imagine that running a solo medical practice is very hard work. We have to deal with insurance companies, Medicare, government regulations, and of course, since March 2020, the Covid pandemic. It can be exhausting and very time-consuming.

After long deliberation and negotiations, I am pleased to announce that “Thomas W. Stark, MD,” is affiliated with and part of a larger Houston-based organization, Allergy and ENT Associates. Those of you who have been to my office might first ask, “How does this change things?” And the answer I feel comfortable giving is, “Almost nothing will change for my patients.” I will still practice in the same location on HWY 105. I will still be blessed to have the same staff, including Physician’s Assistant Christi Dodd and Audiologist Janet Wilson. The hours I will be in the office will be the same.

What the affiliation does do is, first of all, bring in an excellent Board Certified Allergist, Dr. Hardik Patel, into the location two days a week. As you are aware, here in this part of Texas, allergies are fierce, and I am happy to have help in dealing with all forms of allergy treatment, including asthma and skin rashes. I will still see new and established allergy patients. Secondly, I have to say that my joining this well-respected and well-run group gives me added stability. I feel more able to continue working where I am, with much less day-to-day stress.

Many of my patients have asked me about my retirement. Or course, at some point, that day will come. But this change makes it easier for me to keep doing what I love a bit longer.

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