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4 Tips That Can Help Your Business Recover from the Pandemic

4 Tips That Can Help Your Business Recover from the Pandemic

The state had seen eight straight weeks of drops in the number of initial jobless claims — the lowest level since before the pandemic

4 Tips That Can Help Your Business Recover from the Pandemic

Texas is on its way to recovery. Data from Texas A&M Today shows fewer unemployed residents and an increase in new business applications — indicators of a healing economy. In May, “the state had seen eight straight weeks of drops in the number of initial jobless claims — the lowest level since before the pandemic”. As such, this recovery implies that businesses can start operating at their pre-pandemic capacity. However, before diving into doing business again, you must first recuperate from the effects that the pandemic brought upon them.

Below are a few tips that can help your business recover:


Upskill your workforce

The pandemic changed the course of business and how work is done. They need to be equipped with new skills as they navigate the post-pandemic economy, such as adaptability and problem-solving. Some employees may also have been out of practice when you weren’t operating and will need a refresher on their skillset. As such, your workforce needs to be reskilled and upskilled. LHH notes that one way to start upskilling your workforce is to implement new approaches to learning. Since everyone is still most likely recovering from the pandemic themselves, breaking down their lessons ensures that they don’t get overwhelmed. This way, they’ll be able to better absorb new information and apply it to their tasks.

To accomplish this, you can develop your own skills development sessions, get assistance from the Texas Work Force Commission, or use online learning platforms such as edX For Business. Seedlings Gardening in Austin has implemented upskilling strategies for its business’ and employees’ long-term growth and it even earned them a 2021 Upskilling HEROES award.


Maintain customer satisfaction

Your loyal customers are what drive your business to success in these trying times. You cannot afford to lose them when you’re still recovering and attracting new customers to your business. Therefore, you need to make sure that they remain satisfied with your products and services so they keep supporting you. Focus on their needs; get feedback from them and ask how you can better serve them. If your budget permits, offer them exclusive discounts or promotions as a sign of gratitude for their patronage. Doing the above will satisfy them, and ensure their continued support as your business slowly recovers. Acme Brick in Denton always responds to their customer’s needs, as shown in the tweet below, and even goes beyond what they originally requested.


Make your re-opening known

Your customers are the key to your post-pandemic recovery. Without their purchases and support, there’s almost no use in operating again. They need to be informed that you’re up and running again so that they can start acquiring your products and services. In our article on ‘7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business Online’, we suggested using social media to make communication easy. Utilize your social media accounts, website, and/or email to let your customers know that you’re back in business. Let them know what new products and services they can get from your business. Similarly, make communication easy for them by providing channels where they can contact you. They may need to ask questions about your schedule or inquire about their concerns, and addressing them will ease their minds. Central Market regularly lets their customers know their open hours, not only due to the pandemic but also when there are severe weather conditions.


Rebuild customer trust

While the economy is recovering, the virus is still out there. Despite the increase in vaccination rates, many are still hesitant to go out, especially to businesses that do not seem to practice proper health protocols. It’s important to rebuild and earn customer trust so they can start engaging with your business again. One way to do this is to make mask-wearing a must in your establishment. Also, acquire contactless technologies like tap-to-pay systems and automatic sanitizer dispensers. Finally, comply with the state’s recommended protocols. The Texas Department of State Health Services has information for businesses that include public health guidelines, factsheets, and advice for various businesses like food establishments. Cicis Pizzas makes its health protocols and procedures known to customers via social media, so they always feel safe when dining in.

Now the economy is recovering, businesses can start operating again. Still, they must start to recover first before they can resume operations. With these tips, businesses can start their journey to pandemic recovery.

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