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A Crash Course in Insurance: Hurricane Preparedness

A Crash Course in Insurance: Hurricane Preparedness

A Crash Course in Insurance: Hurricane Preparedness

I know, I know… The last thing you probably want is another reminder that hurricane season is here and that you need to get prepared. So, we won’t give you the typical checklist of things you should do, however I want you to know that we have prepared for YOU! After all, it’s our job to be ready in the case of a catastrophe!

Team Thompson Catastrophe Preparedness Plan

Claims Checks – First and foremost we ensure that our Agent Draft Authority Checkbook is full, ready and in good order. These are the drafts that our local agency uses to issue checks to you, our policyholder directly out of the office for catastrophe claims. We will be ready to get money in your account so you can secure the best local roofers, contractors and skilled labor without having to wait around for an adjuster or be caught up in the common delays that follow a hurricane landfall!

Local Support – Our agency has secured two locations with backup generators to be available here in Montgomery County to our policyholders in the case of an emergency! We have also invested in two portable generators so that our team can set up mobile claims stations to help our customers be the first to have their claims filed and the road to recovery begin!

Remote Support – When severe weather damages our area, one third of our team will be remotely located in an unaffected area and available to support and assist you uninterrupted by the current catastrophe.

Good Neighbor Supplies – Our team has partnered with other great State Farm agencies (in other States) and agreed to help provide each other with necessary supplies in the case of an emergency. This is FREE critical supplies for our policyholders in the form or tarps, water, nails, fuel, ice, etc… and don’t be surprised if our Cajun neighbors show up with jambalaya, boudin, cold beer, gumbo and fried shrimp!

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