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Rising to the Top! Tamarah Courtright Curtis is Your Real Professional in Real Estate.

Rising to the Top! Tamarah Courtright Curtis is Your Real Professional in Real Estate.

Creighton Realty Partners is the local expert equipped to guide you to make the best investment in the thriving real estate market of Texas and Montgomery County!

Investing in real estate is one of the most exciting ventures you’ll ever make. However, it is also one of the biggest you’ll ever make, which can be intimidating. Whether you are buying a home for the first time, considering a second, or well on your way to having a few properties under your belt, the world of real estate is a tricky arena to navigate on your own. 

With this in mind, it would be highly unwise to place such a sizeable responsibility in the hands of someone who operates merely part-time or is brand new without a great support system or a proven record for success. That’s why it’s so important to have a qualified broker on your side as your representative and advocate, helping to guide you to the best investment possible.

But with so many real estate agencies out there, choosing the right one to partner with you is the first step toward a successful real estate investment. While this decision is just as important as the property itself, it doesn’t need to be hard. With the experience, excellence, and expertise in the local area that Creighton Realty Partners brings, this decision (at least) is an easy one. 

Improving Traditional Real Estate

Tamarah Courtright Curtis began selling real estate right after graduating with a BBA in Marketing from Sam Houston State University in 2006, and has remained passionate and dedicated to the field ever since. After working with other great brokerages for almost eight years, she began to see room for improvement in the traditional real estate model. That’s when she decided to make the switch and help open Creighton Realty Partners a decade ago, and has since become the company’s broker. 

Tamarah had the vision to create a boutique-style real estate company where she could form each client relationship to fit their specific needs in ways that traditional real estate agencies can’t. This would not only widen her scope of clientele but also allow for every transaction to be a win/win for her clients.
And with Creighton Realty Partners, that’s just what she did, and continues to do to this day. 

Throughout her nearly 17 years of experience, Tamarah has consistently been one of the top agents in the area, specializing not only in all aspects of residential, but also in farm/ranches, large land tracts, and commercial real estate. She truly does it all. Over the past 6 years she has been repeatedly listed amongst the Top 10 agents in the entire Houston region according to the Houston Business Journal. Topping it off this year, she proudly reports having been named the Number 3 agent in the region out of thousands of other agents based on her number of transactions.

Equipping Clients for Success

When it comes to making a real estate investment, it’s important that your real estate agent knows all the ins and outs of the business, and can anticipate all aspects of the process that you might not be aware of. Tamarah brings to the table knowledge and experience in all aspects of the real estate world, for whatever level of investment you’re ready to make. 

Whether you’re looking to secure or sell residential property, commercial property, interested in development opportunities, second homes, or other property investments, Tamarah is experienced and able to guide you through the process resulting in the best purchase for you, and can provide any needed advice and referrals along the way. 

After years of experience, knowledge, and operating with excellence in the industry, Tamarah has developed invaluable relationships with other skilled industry-related professionals, and can therefore offer a large network of quality referrals. For example, in her arsenal Holly Slott, owner of HS Design, who regularly helps to successfully stage homes for sale, and assists clients in redesigns. She can handle everything from decluttering to a full remodel. 

To help eliminate the headache and stress of vetting various technicians, Tamarah can also offer a list of dependable and skilled roofers, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, etc. As Tamarah confidently puts it, “If you can’t find someone, I am sure I can!” 

Most recently, Tamarah is pleased to also now offer her clients the free use of her 22-foot moving truck. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Establishing Client Relationships

This all-inclusive, one-on-one approach to how Tamarah helps her clients through all aspects of the real estate process is what keeps clients coming back time after time for all their real estate transactions. In fact, about 75% of all her business comes from these satisfied repeat clients and their referrals alone, which is a testament to the dependability and success she consistently brings her clients. 

And that’s no surprise. As a real estate broker, Tamarah is tenacious, fair, flexible, experienced, has a proven marketing strategy, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the business including the area, pricing, and market trends. 

Not only that, but Tamarah remains consistently, personally available 7 days a week for direct communication with her clients. This dedicated availability is essential in keeping clients and transactions running smoothly.

Tamarah recalls how clients are often somewhat taken aback by her accessibility, “When you call, I pick up! People are surprised when I pick up the phone and it’s not an answering service or a team member.”

Partnered with this level of dependability and competence, if there is a problem, clients can trust and know that Tamarah can and will solve it. At Creighton Realty Partners, Tamarah goes above and beyond to resolve any situation that may arise, small or large. Kirk, a satisfied client, gave Creighton Realty Partners this 5-star review on their website:  

“Tamarah Curtis is by far the best. She was not only knowledgeable and professional, her attention to detail is acutely focused. Either way as a seller or buyer you will not have any drama, problems, or issues by signing with her. I would not use anyone except her. 5 stars is not enough. She has listed and sold 3 properties for me, all surpassed my expectations.” 

Likewise, in the spectrum of industry-related professionals they’ve worked with, Charles says of Creighton Realty Partners in this excellent review on Google:

“As a lender in Montgomery County over the last 19 yrs., I can tell you that Tamarah and her team are top-notch. I have seen her work miracles for her clients and she is a great problem solver and negotiator. Consider her if looking for an experienced agent.”

Local Community Experts

Tamarah, as the head of Creighton Realty Partners, is an established and dedicated fixture of the community she serves, proudly declaring that Montgomery County is by far the best area in Texas and has “the best people!” “Lake Conroe, golf courses, great schools, local food and music – you name it, we have it,” exclaims Tamarah. “Plus, we still have that great hometown Texas attitude that people want for their families.” 

Tamarah’s community involvement is extensive and includes chairing many fundraisers for the Conroe Noon Lions Club, writing a monthly column in The Conroe Courier, and volunteering her time with many community organizations such as the United Way and Montgomery County Republican Party. In particular, Tamarah loves getting involved and helping out where she can with the Montgomery County Fair and seeing how much time and effort kids of all ages put into their particular event.

 Creighton Realty Partners also takes pride in the fact that Texas and their Montgomery County community are thriving in the real estate world. Tamarah is honored to be the local expert best equipped to guide more new and repeat clients to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Real Estate Is Real Good

Tamarah advises that real estate is a tangible and usable asset. One of the best investments one could ever make. In her experience, its value improves rapidly in the area they serve and it has consistently outperformed other short-term investments. She also emphasizes that real estate is exciting no matter what you may do for a living or at what age you may start! As a perfect example of this, she shares a successful experience with a client:

“I had a client who was 25 years old at the time and was able to buy a starter home for $120,000. Three years later she decided to sell the starter home and move to her next home. She was able to profit $50,000 in three years! The look on her face was priceless. She has now bought 4 homes through me and it’s amazing to watch her investments grow.”

And if you’ve been considering an investment in real estate, there’s no better time than now! Not even the pandemic of the past couple of years affected the market in the area much. In fact, Creighton Realty Partners surpassed all its projections and goals. The market was and still is booming, and interest rates are still so good.

Call Tamarah!
So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to partner with Tamarah at Creighton Realty Partners for your next property venture? Creighton Realty Partners is located at 11133 Interstate 45 S, #320, Conroe, TX 77302, and you may contact the office by phone at (936) 756-8083. You may also contact/text Tamarah directly at (832) 876-7097 or by email at [email protected]. 

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