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Useful Ways to Upgrade Your Pool Area

Useful Ways to Upgrade Your Pool Area

There’s no better way to stay cool in the summer than to take a swim in a pool. Pool owners understand that pools are an investment in your house that requires a fair amount of maintenance. Along with maintenance, pool upgrades are necessary to enhance your pool’s functionality and beauty. But there are more ways to upgrade your pool than just remodeling the pool itself. A pool’s deck and patio area are just as important to maintain to give your backyard an overall luxurious and modern feel. Here are nine worthwhile purchases or upgrades to make for your pool area:

  • Water features
  • Waterline tiles
  • Underwater LED lighting
  • Auto levelers
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Replace or expand your deck
  • Landscaping
  • Fire pits
  • Pool furniture

Water features

One way to instantly make your pool area feel more luxurious is by installing water features. The sounds of running water are sure to enhance the ambiance and tranquility in your backyard. Fountains and waterfalls are not only beautiful, but they circulate and freshen the water in your pool. Water features can be found at several price points to easily upgrade your pool area from dreary to magnificent. 

Waterline tiles

A pool upgrade that is often overlooked is replacing waterline tiles. Waterline tiles are the tiles that line the perimeter of your pool and add some aesthetic appeal. Though it is usually only 6 inches of tile, choosing the right tile can make a huge difference. Blue mosaic porcelain tiles are a common option because they bring out the color of the water and are easy to clean. Glass tiles are also popular because of their transparent appearance and how they glisten in the sunlight. 

Underwater LED lighting

If you love to swim at night or throw pool parties, then installing underwater LED lighting is the pool upgrade for you! It is an affordable way to set the mood in your background all year long. LED lights are reliable for pool lighting because of their energy efficiency and durability. Pool owners have the option to install surface-mounted underwater lighting or add submersible lights to the water as a pool accessory. 

Auto levelers

An auto leveler’s job is exactly what it sounds like. This handy device detects your pool’s water level and automatically fills your pool with an attached garden hose. These are especially helpful for pool owners in hotter climates where water evaporates faster. Investing in an auto leveler will save you time and labor from refilling your pool yourself. 

Automatic pool cleaners

Another handy device to upgrade your pool is an automatic pool cleaner. It’s recommended that pool owners vacuum their pool for debris 1-2 times a week. But if you don’t have the time to do this necessary maintenance, then automatic pool cleaners are well worth the investment. They are easy to install to your pool wall and are energy efficient, meaning they cost almost nothing to run. Check out this link to see what automatic pool cleaner is right for you. 

Replace or expand your deck

Possibly the most drastic method of upgrading your pool area is to make over your deck. It’s best to renovate your deck or patio before the summer to give yourself time to complete the project before it is too hot. When it comes to personalization, outdoor decks are available in several materials and styles. Some of the most popular deck materials include poured concrete, stone, and tile. Expanding your existing deck allows you to increase the area for poolside activities like summer parties. 


Don’t underestimate what landscaping can do for your pool area. Greenery and natural elements will automatically elevate your backyard as long as you choose the right plants. The first step to designing poolside landscaping is to research inspiration and plants that will survive in your climate. Don’t choose plants that will leave debris or could injure someone. Small flowering plants, shrubs, or ornamental grasses make great decorative plants on one or two sides of your pool. Finally, consider incorporating landscaping with a walkway to your pool with turf or gravel. 

Fire pits

Along with the proper landscaping, adding a fire pit will spruce up your backyard and upgrade your pool area. Even when it is not summertime, you are able to utilize a fire pit for warmth and a place for gatherings. Fire pits that run on gas rather than firewood are typically installed by professionals and can be customized to the layout of your pool. Best of all, you will have a place year-long to cook s’mores!

Pool furniture

The perfect finishing touch to upgrade your pool area is to purchase modern poolside furniture. Outdoor furniture is essential for spending time outside the pool and creating the perfect outdoor space. Look for water-proof furniture that is both durable and comfortable. If you don’t have space for an entire outdoor dining room set, start with two lounge chairs and an end table for drinks and necessities. 

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