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Cameron Optical: Providing a Lifetime of Wellness, Good Health and Perfect Vision!

Cameron Optical: Providing a Lifetime of Wellness, Good Health and Perfect Vision!

Cameron Optical: Providing a Lifetime of Wellness, Good Health and Perfect Vision!

Imagine a visit to the Eye Clinic that includes everything you need, right in your local area! Too good to be true? Most of us are used to getting a prescription and then hunting all over the place for the right pair of glasses. Not only that, when deeper eye issues arise, we aren’t always able to find easy solutions. Eye specialists are hard to come by, and complicated eye issues cannot always be solved at your typical run-of-the-mill eye clinic. With these problems in mind, Dr. Bonnie Cameron and Mark Soveral co-founded Cameron Optical to provide patients with the best local clinic care, products, and finest services. “We wanted our patients to have the care they needed close to home, without having to drive all the way to Houston or The Woodlands to see a specialist,” says Soveral. 

More than your average eye clinic, Cameron Optical provides a complete solution for your overall health needs. From glasses repair to vision therapy and treatments, one visit to this office can cover a broad range of eye health issues. Long-time patients rave that Dr. Cameron and her accommodating staff take their time to answer questions, find solutions and manage their needs—all with a smile. Dr. Bonnie Cameron brings several years of experience and a vast array of specialties, enabling Cameron Optical to broaden its services much wider than other eye clinics. Dr. Cameron is a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist with experience in Neuro-Ophthalmology, Retinal Diseases, Ocular Dry Eye treatment, Cataract Management and all types of visual disorders. Co-founder and owner Mark Soveral is a licensed Optician who has used his 26 years of experience to train many apprentices. Together, the duo bring over 44 years of optical experience to the table at Cameron Optical, which has been in operation for 17 years. 

“With our wide range of products, clinical technology, and in-house laboratory—our customer service and expertise is unmatched,” Soveral says. 

Onsite Lens Laboratory

If you’re a glasses owner, you know the pains of driving around town with your new prescription, trying to find the right glasses. Cameron Optical has changed the game by making it their mission to do everything in house. They are one of the only clinics in Texas to operate a custom eyeglasses laboratory.The lab makes lenses onsite for all types of frames including magnetic, frameless, plastic, rimless, metal, aviator, and high-end frames. The lab also offers lens tinting for sunglasses, dyslexia glasses, color deficiency, vision therapy, stroke patients, and sports glasses.The Cameron Optical frame collection includes the highest quality designer eyewear in the industry. These glasses not only look good, but relieve strain and stress on eyes causing headaches.

The #1 Dry Eye Clinic in Texas

If you suffer with dry eyes, you know how aggravating it can be to wake up in the middle of the night and feel like your eyes are glued shut. You also might experience itchy eyes, sensitivity to light, constant tearing, or the feeling of rocks or sand in your eyes. Some dry eye cases even prevent the ability to wear contacts. 

If this sounds familiar, you along with 86% of dry eye patients may be suffering from MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) a disease that causes dry eyes. This disease works by clogging the Meibomian oil glands needed to produce tears. The Cameron Optical clinic is a dedicated Dry Eye treatment center, using the latest 3D technology and formulas to conduct procedures. While most clinics simply give their customers eye drops and send them on their way, Cameron Optical has a treatment plan that will cure the disease. One treatment available is called Lipiflow, which involves a 12 minute in office procedure that heats, massages and evacuates the Meibomian glands. In addition to Lipiflow, the company’s latest addition to its Dry Eye treatment technology is called OptiLight, a machine that eliminates the bacteria causing MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction) and Rosacea. “The machine uses a pulse of light at varying influences to kill bacteria in the eye,” says Soveral,“allowing the remaining glands to rebound and produce more oils needed to function. “This FDA approved procedure only takes 20 minutes, and can save not only your eyes from dryness but also your quality of life. Soveral says the technology can even make skin look years younger, and along with the Dry Eye procedure, the company will be offering packages for brighter skin. Cameron Optical is offering a limited time package to their OptiLight patients! If you buy any of the top tier OptiLight packages, you’ll receive $500 off the purchase.

The Eye Affects the Whole Body

The old saying “Eyes are a window into the soul,” has more truth to it than you think. While common problems the clinic solves for its patients are ocular imbalances, foreign debris removal emergencies,and prescription eyewear updates—Cameron Optical is dedicated to your overall health. Soveral advises to be honest with the doctors so they can walk you through the correct treatment plan, and be as thorough as possible. “We are passionate about providing the finest care for our patients and ensuring the best outcomes for their overall health,” he says. 

Using 3D scanning technology, the clinic provides the ability to report on your past, present and future eye health. This traces back to not only your eyes but your overall well-being. With this technology, the company can determine how to meet your individual needs. One example of an eye condition that affects your whole body is Droopy Eyelid. Drooping eyelids are often caused by aging, and while you can’t stop growing older, there are services that improve the eyelid function. The sagging of the eyelid is caused by an effect called blepharoptosis, which can impair the ability to see and interfere with everyday activities. Cameron Optical has acquired an FDA approved eye drop called UPNEEQ. 

The solution stimulates the eyelid and causes it to lift appropriately. The solution works within 20 minutes and can last up to 8 hours. In addition to Dry Eye and Droopy Eye solutions, Cameron Optical also provides services for Lasik treatments, Color Blindness and Dyslexia. The company strives not only to offer the best service in the industry, but maintain a family atmosphere in the midst of the fast-paced growth. The proof is in the pudding, as patients continue to testify that Cameron Optical creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with every appointment. Along with the OptiLight special, the company is offering a $300 rebate for Acuvue 1 Day Oasys. Not only that, but you can get a free frame with the purchase of your prescription lenses with anti-glare!

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