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Wiggins Furniture: Celebrating 23 Years

Wiggins Furniture: Celebrating 23 Years

Wiggins Furniture: Celebrating 23 Years

Quality, long-lasting and stylish furniture is hard to find. In a world where online shopping is becoming more popular, it’s tempting to purchase from big retailers with flashy websites and endless options. You might spend hours online searching for the perfect accent chair to ship to your house, only to find that the color and quality is not the same as advertised online. Not only that, most online furniture has to be self-assembled once it arrives to your home.

That’s where Wiggins Furniture comes in—a local family-owned furniture store that offers a wide selection of hand-picked, quality pieces that are sure to make any home feel inviting, stylish, and comfortable. Imagine walking through a beautifully curated, 20,000 square foot showroom filled with unique furniture and a sales team happy to help you design your dream home. At Wiggins Furniture, you can touch, feel, and explore hundreds of pieces in a variety of styles!

23 Years of Furnishing Memories

For 23 years, the Wiggins family has been a trusted local furniture company in the Conroe, Lake Conroe, Montgomery and surrounding communities. Owners Kimberly and James Wiggins have loved being a part of the local community. “We have grown up here, raised our children here and are now seeing our grandchildren grow up in this close-knit, faith-based community we love so much.”

Since their opening in April of 2000, the Wiggins have developed many friendships and relationships with the community and contributed to beautiful homes and happy families all over the area. Through every stage of life—buying a new home, getting married, growing a family, and kids moving off to college—these families continue to return for more high-quality furniture sold by the Wiggins. “Generation after generation have entrusted us to fill their homes with furnishings that endure real life, real families and help them make real memories,” Kim says. 

Your Style, Your Life

Your lifestyle and the way you decorate your home can tell your story. That’s why Kim and James Wiggins make it their mission to learn about the people they meet and help them with their needs rather than just sell items. The sales team at Wiggins Furniture will sit down with you and listen to your story. From there they’ll help you decide how to best design your home, and help you with the measurements you need to ensure the furniture will fit in your home.

Wiggin’s Furniture has a “NO PRESSURE” policy, meaning they will never push anyone into a decision they’re not ready to make. As James Wiggins puts it, “We look at our customers as our friends. We want to work with them for life. It makes us feel good that we can help customers and build trust. We have a lot of customers who have been with us over the years because of this, and we are thankful.”

The customer reviews alone speak of excellence at Wiggins Furniture:

“We started and ended our furniture shopping experience here. The store is full of top name furniture of every size and color. The team was courteous, honest, professional, and above all knowledgeable. The delivery was on time, courteous, and top shelf. Delivery personnel made sure everything was set up to our satisfaction. I highly recommend looking to Wiggins for your furniture needs. We need to support our Conroe businesses!”

– Judy

Wiggins Furniture is always on the lookout for new styles, designs and reliable manufacturers to provide a unique selection of furniture. Rather than replacing your furniture every few years, Wiggins strives to provide a unique selection and quality furniture that are built to last through real life. With 20,000 square feet of furniture, you’ll find something for every part of your home:

• Bedroom

• Living Room

• Dining Room

• Home Office

Not only that, some popular items at Wiggins Furniture that you might not expect to find are:

• Mattresses, Foundations and Adjustable Bases

• Lift Chairs

• Area Rugs

• Curios

• Lamps

• Paintings, Sculptures, & Wall Art

Wiggins provides top of the line lift chairs and mattresses along with their quality furniture. For that extra touch of style, you’ll find a variety of artwork and accessories to complement your new furniture!

Wiggins Design Expertise

After 23 years of helping the community furnish their homes, the team at Wiggins Furniture knows a thing or two about interior design. If you’re wondering what the best practices are when designing your dream home, here are some tips to consider.

1. Always measure your space

Can that sofa fit through the door? This is something to think about and consider before looking at furniture. Measure your entryways, door frames, stairway turns, and hallways in order to determine what your plan will be for bringing in that new piece of furniture.

Next, it’s important to measure out a room before deciding on furniture, ensuring the space won’t be too crowded with something too big, or empty and awkward with something too small. Don’t forget to measure the space around windows as well!

2. Create symmetry

When designing your space and positioning furniture, symmetry helps to create balance and a feeling of relaxation. The easiest way to create symmetry is to use an architectural feature of the space as the center point. Start with pre-existing architecture like windows, fireplace or a chandelier and position furniture in unison with these features. If your room doesn’t have a center point already, you can use things like a headboard, mirror, dining table, or dresser as a center point.

3. Be color selective

Ever heard of the 60, 30, 10 rule? It’s a classic rule of thumb in the design world for selecting colors that complement each other and create harmony in a space. 60% of your room will be a dominant color that anchors the space and acts as the backdrop for the other colors. Places to use that 60% of color include: walls, rugs, or large pieces of furniture.

The 30% portion is the secondary color in the space that supports the main color, but it’s different enough to create a bit of contrast. This color can be used with window curtains, accent chairs, bedding, or an accent wall.

Now 10% of your space can be used for a fun accent color from something like your favorite piece of artwork. This color will most likely be a brighter or more saturated color used on things like lamps, throw pillows, frames, vases, and candles.

4. Break the rules

In order to break the rules, you first need to learn how they work. Once you’ve got the basics down, start taking risks and letting your creative juices flow! Go with your gut and find pieces that you love, not what the magazines tell you to get.

Create Your Dream Home with Wiggins Furniture

Wiggins Furniture has a vast selection of furniture in the latest styles and hundreds of unique accessories to choose from. The team will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your home! Visit their store off of Highway 105 West today and have fun decorating your dream home! You can also follow Wiggins Furniture & Mattress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and inspiration.

Wiggins Furniture

5459 West Davis/HWY 105 West, Conroe, Texas 77304

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