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God’s Children are not for Sale

God’s Children are not for Sale

Familia Americana: God’s Children are not for Sale

Are God’s children for sale? We live in a time when our children’s innocence seems to be up for grabs to the loudest bidder. Now more than ever, our children are targets of deviant propaganda meant to desensitize them to behavior that is contrary and hostile to their innocence; behavior that goes against moral values, family values and religious beliefs; behavior that is obscene and a threat to our parental rights to protect them. 

We live in a time when children are exposed to drag queen shows, pornography, age-inappropriate books with sexual content, television programs that groom them (such as Netflix’s Cuties), and endless LGBTQ+ propaganda aimed at those under 18 (retail stores like Target) …all at the hands of influential adults with dominance in the corporate world, entertainment industry, the school system, mainstream media, etc. Their reach is vast. Their impact powerful.

We live in a time when school districts, doctors, and even our own government lay claim to our children (above parental rights) while pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda. In fact, President Biden and Vice President Harris have repeatedly referred to the children as “our kids.” Joe Biden said “These are our kids. These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids; they’re all our kids.” Sorry Mr. President but keep your hands off of our children. Our children are not property of the government’s and never will be.

The trend to transform and transgender our children into living a reality that is in opposition of truth, their health, and one that simply does not exist, is abhorrent and dangerous. Such is the case with the transgender movement which posits that children can believe they belong to any of the hundred “genders” (give or take) that have been invented, and it simply makes it so. Children cannot understand the ramifications of or process the information they are exposed to. Many end up with behavioral problems, mental health issues, become runaways or live on the streets, many fall into the hands of traffickers, and in the most severe cases, some take their lives. 

There are two main camps in this social and spiritual battle we’re in: liberals, who are in support of the sexualization of children (at all costs) under the pretext of defending LGBTQ+ rights; and conservatives, who aim to protect all children and their right to a safe and wholesome childhood. We cannot be more polarized in our approach and concern for today’s children but the good side must win. This is a battle that we will not lose.

One of the greatest struggles fought on a daily basis around the world is the effort to end child trafficking. Around 2 million children are trafficked each year worldwide and the United States is considered one of the top destinations. The majority of victims come from abroad (cross-border migration) but many are “recruited” here in our own back yard.

The box office hit Sound of Freedom tells the true story of Tim Ballard, former Homeland Security Special Agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, and the brave rescue of children who were sold into sex trafficking in Colombia. The movie shows the reality of the child trafficking trade. Their innocence and vulnerability make children easy prey. Their trusting nature is their greatest weakness.

In light of today’s predatory environment and because the movie demonstrates the consequences of child grooming, it is politicized by the media despite not being political in nature. Little credit is given to the film’s insights into the horrific child trafficking trade or the testimony presented which proves that adult grooming practices leads to the desensitizing and exploitation of children. The movie goes against liberal orthodoxy.

What is happening in our culture? We are witnessing the corruption of children via the internet, movies, television shows and programs, books, schools, and at public events. Liberals and their allies, who justify this sexualization as support for the LGBTQ+ movement, also make apologies for pedophiles who are attracted to minors (Minor Attracted Persons or MAP for short); to many, these individuals suffer from mental illness and should be understood rather than vilified.

They don’t really care about the children. The bottom line is if they can influence the next generation, that’s a whole generation of Democrats in the bag.

Parents, we have much work to do. We are our children’s only line of defense. We will stand up for them, their rights, safety, innocence and keep them from harm. God’s children are not for sale!

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