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Familia Americana: Saving our Children from the Transgender Movement

Familia Americana: Saving our Children from the Transgender Movement

Familia Americana: Saving our Children from the Transgender Movement

Transgenderism is dominating popular culture and political discourse these days. The medical condition that is gender dysphoria (a perceived mismatch between one’s biological sex and gender identity) has grown to a national endemic that is affecting adults and children alike, claiming more victims than they are helping those with true gender dysphoria.

Human sexuality has a physical and spiritual nature. Biologically, we are born either male or female based on our chromosomes. Chromosomes don’t change. Spiritually, the Bible tells us that He made us male and female, natural law is truth, and gender identity does not factor into our creation. Gender identity is a perception.

It is expected that adults who choose to transition from their biological sex to one aligned with their gender identity are capable of understanding the consequences of their transition. But what happens when we allow children, who have neither the maturity nor life experience to make the same decisions, access to these medical experiments? Children cannot truly comprehend the irreversible harm they will cause themselves. 

In the 1950s, a New England sexologist and psychologist, John Money, tested out his theory that gender identity is a social construct; one that is fluid and ever-changing. His first subjects were a set of twin boys, David and Brian Reimer. Brian remained the control subject while David, at the age of seven, would be the first sex reassignment surgery ever conducted on an otherwise normal, healthy child. The process involved chemical castration followed by twelve years of hormone therapy along with social and mental conditioning to convince David that he was a girl. The experiment was deemed a success and celebrated in the medical community and in medical literature. It would be twenty-two years later, in 1997, when the world learned the truth of the David Reimer experiment and its outcome. David never felt like a girl. He never accepted life as a girl and though he de-transitioned, the damage was already done. The mental strain and public pressure proved too much for David and he took his own life in 2004 at the age of thirty-eight. Sadly, his twin brother, Brian, followed in his footsteps and took his own life later. 

The pressure to keep a child from outgrowing their adolescent changes and insecurities is deepest with trans-advocates – which today include teachers and administrators, doctors and physicians, the medical industry, Big Pharma and big corporations (and their bottom line), and yes, even some parents who support this ideology. Advocates attempt to convince a parent that their child is truly transgender and not (simply) going through an adolescent phase. Countless advocates seek to undermine the rights of parents in deciding what is in the best interest of their child.

The transgender lobby is growing more powerful and cavalier in their approach of our children, choosing to ignore the problems that many transgender patients develop over time, including depression, addiction, attempted suicide and eating disorders, among others. Many patients never truly feel like they are better off than when they were of the opposite sex. Others outgrow this stage of confusion as time goes by and they mature. Thankfully, there are sane parents fighting to protect children from the transgender lobby. 

The Murrieta Valley Unified School District in California passed a policy that requires staff to inform parents if a student is transgender or gender non-conforming. A win for parents! This past July, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin finalized new policies on the treatment of transgender students, increasing the parental notification requirements about children with gender identity issues. Another win!

While transgender advocates have a right to their views, they do not have a right to brainwash our children and take advantage of their vulnerabilities, much less undermine and assume the role of the parent.

As children of God, we are called to help and walk with all those who suffer. Out of compassion and love for our brethren, we are tasked with remaining allied to reality and truth, rather than expanding on lies. 

The transgender movement is comprised of people who are looking for something they have not found. Many are unhappy with themselves and their bodies. Others are confused. In reality, the transgender community is in search of God. Only God can bring us to the truth and beauty of being created in His image and only God can bring us peace and teach us self-acceptance. The wonder of our creation must be celebrated. Our individuality is beautiful!

We must protect our children. Leave children to be children, to grow up, go through and outgrow their stages. If we do not allow them to be children, we have failed them as parents and a society. It is up to us to stand up for truth and ensure that harm does not come their way.

God does not make mistakes.

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