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Helping Our Community Animals in Need This Holiday Season

Helping Our Community Animals in Need This Holiday Season

ASVT: Helping Our Community Animals in Need This Holiday Season

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas is a foster based rescue and it is a revolving door for homeless pets. Every animal has a story and how it came to us. The stream of homeless animals never ends.

ASVT takes in unwanted, discarded community animals to lighten the load in shelters and places them in ASVT foster homes until they are adopted. Unfortunately we can’t take them all. Unwanted animals are at an all-time high and the local shelters are continuously over capacity. There is no sign of slow-down in sight!

How can you help our homeless community animals this holiday season?


Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to helping abandoned, abused and neglected animals. NO ONE IS PAID and we appreciate the Donations, Fosters and Volunteers to help us continue. ASVT relies on your support with donations and support to continue saving our community animals.

This holiday season please consider making a donation. Remember, it is tax deductible. Just visit our website and use the DONATE button.


Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas is a foster based rescue organization. We depend on foster parents to help us improve the quality of lives for animals in our community. ASVT has been active in rescuing homeless and abandoned pets since 2010.

In addition to the traditional celebration and meaning of Christmas, ASVT is celebrating and sharing with you some of our “Happy Ending Rescue Stories in 2023”.

BULLET is by far one of the most emaciated rescues to date.  Not only that but he had been shot between the eyes and left for dead,  Bullet obviously was not ready to die and struggled to find help. A neighborhood came together to save him.  ASVT was contacted for help and we jumped right in.  After Bullet was hospitalized and treated he returned to his FOSTER family and is making a full recovery!

ASVT doesn’t stop at just one pet at a time:

BRIDGET along with her five, 6 week old puppies, were dumped from a car on the FM 1097 bridge!  Can you imagine!  A Good Samaritan gathered them all into her car that already had her own dog and her baby inside.  ASVT took them all in and now they all have loving homes.

MAVEN and her sister were found under a shed at a construction site. They both had severely injured hind legs and amputation was needed.  They get along great now with 3 legs and run and play with other dogs.  Maven’s sister was adopted and doing great and now Miss Maven is waiting for her special family.  Don’t miss out on this sweetheart!

BOTTLE BABY KITTENS by the batches!  Litters of 6, 4, & 2 have been rescued, nurtured and rescued and adopted by loving families.

OVERCROWDED CONDITIONS WITH DOGS IN CAGES AND ON CHAINS OR WIRES was definitely a challenge.  A total of 10 dogs in one rescue and 10 puppies all with parvo in another.  Thanks to donations from our wonderful Community, we were able to vet, treat and re-home all of them!

This may explain why we promote fostering!!  Without foster families none of these wonderful creatures would have been able to be saved.

Please consider opening your heart and home to a foster pet. Make their holiday a joyous one with a loving family, warm bed and good food to eat.

Submit your Foster Application today to foster a homeless pet at www.ASVTexas.org/foster-application.html


Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS) located on Hwy 242 in Conroe takes in animals every day. Can you visualize what that must be like? They arrive unwanted, some starving, sick and neglected.

ASVT, other rescues and MCAS are working together to rehome shelter animals and increase spay/neuter in our community. There are LOW COST spay/neuter programs available. There is not a good reason to not have animals spayed or neutered. Most of the photos shown here are victims of unwanted litters. If you find a pet you are interested in adopting, just submit an Adoption Application.


ASVT also hosts adoption events at various locations. Just look for our signs! We use social media and a number of pet finder sites to network our available animals for adoption. Our foster families take in animals to free up kennels in our local shelters and rehabilitate and socialize them. ASVT also networks with other rescue groups. We believe in working together for the welfare of the animals.

Sponsored Foster Pets

To celebrate the holidays and upcoming New Year, ASVT is sponsoring $100 of the adoption fee on a number of foster pets that are ready to be adopted. These are some of the sponsored fosters.

Catapalozza – Sponsored Cats

More holiday celebration is our sponsored cats. Includes all cats over 6 months of age. For just $25 you get a beautiful cat that is spayed/neutered, all vaccines and microchip. These are a few of Catapalozza cats!

Some safety tips to keep your pets safe during this holiday season.

• Keep people food out of the reach of your pet, and ask your guests to do the same.

• Make sure your pet doesn’t have any access to treats, especially those containing chocolate, xylitol, grapes/raisins, onions or other toxic foods.

• Keep holiday plants (especially holly, mistletoe and lilies) out of reach of pets.

Secure your Christmas tree to keep it from falling over if your dog bumps it or your cat climbs it. Hanging lemon-scented car air fresheners in the tree may deter your cat from climbing it.

• Provide a safe place for your pet to escape the excitement (such as a kennel, crate, perching place, scratching post shelf or hiding place) if you’re entertaining guests. If your pet is excitable or scared, consider putting your pet in another room with some toys and a comfortable bed.

Kroger Plus Card

Kroger grocery stores will donate a percentage of your purchases to ASVT. Every time you shop, be sure to use your Kroger Plus Card or Alt-ID at checkout.

Use the link below to sign in or create a Kroger account. When you edit your Kroger Community Rewards information, be sure to enter ASVTs NPO# HJ136. THANK YOU Kroger shoppers!




• You can visit our website to sign up to foster. You can donate using our DONATE button. Donations help us pay for medical expenses, food, supplies and transporting animals to areas with high adoption needs.

• ASVT also sponsors a Spay/Neuter Program for community animals whose owners cannot afford to have their pets altered. This helps decrease the rise of community puppies and kittens that will end up in the shelters.

• The accomplishments of ASVT would not be possible without partners like, Ransom’s Steakhouse, Animal Hospital of Montgomery, Bruce and Toni Sellers, Pet Supplies Plus, Dock Line Magazine and so many more.

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