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Reeling in Success with The Dock Line: A Tale of Casting Nets into Local Publishing and Digital Marketing

Reeling in Success with The Dock Line: A Tale of Casting Nets into Local Publishing and Digital Marketing

Article by Sarah Pitre, Photos by Tanner Mardis

Reeling in Success with The Dock Line: A Tale of Casting Nets into Local Publishing and Digital Marketing

The Dock Line Magazine has emerged as a beacon of local publishing and digital marketing innovation, navigating the ever-changing landscape with unwavering dedication. Founded in 2001 by Verle “Ozzy” Osborne and his wife, Susan, this publication began as a modest 5,000-copy endeavor exclusive to the Lake Conroe Area. Over two decades later, it has evolved into a multi-market powerhouse, distributing over 200,000 copies across five markets. In 2020, a transformative merger with Voixly, led by Colton Rucker, propelled The Dock Line into the digital realm, revolutionizing its offerings and expanding its reach.

From Idea to Reality:

The journey from conception to fruition for The Dock Line was sparked by Ozzy’s observation of the printing industry’s challenges. After nearly 20 years in the printing industry, and sensing an opportunity in magazine publishing, he embarked on a journey that would soon reshape local media. Armed with a colored Macintosh computer and a budget of $187, Ozzy printed the inaugural issue of The Dock Line, laying the foundation for what would become a local publishing juggernaut.

The Birth of The Dock Line:

The genesis of the magazine’s name, “The Dock Line,” was inspired by Ozzy’s love for fishing. Casting his line into the tranquil waters of Lake Conroe one day, he spotted a dock line and was struck by its symbolism—a lifeline connecting individuals to their local community. Thus, The Dock Line was christened, embodying its mission to serve as the ultimate guide to all things local.

Navigating Early Challenges:

In its formative years, The Dock Line weathered its fair share of challenges. Ozzy and Susan, operating as a two-man-band, juggled sales, writing, layout design, and printing duties as a team. Economic downturns, including the aftermath of 9/11, presented formidable obstacles. Yet, through resilience and determination, The Dock Line persisted, adapting its publication frequency to meet customer demand.

Embracing Digital Evolution:

In an era of rapid digital transformation, The Dock Line embraced change with open arms. Recognizing the shifting tide, Ozzy’s friend nudged him toward digital ventures, leading to contracted digital work. Colton’s reputation surfaced among contractors. Meeting over a meal, it was clear to Ozzy that Colton shared his vision. Their agreement, finalized in November 2019, aimed to merge print and digital marketing services locally. The launch party for The Dock Line occurred in January 2020, marking a pivotal moment in their partnership. This visionary collaboration created a groundbreaking fusion of old-school charm and modern innovation, setting a new standard for local publishing.

Navigating Through Uncertain Waters:

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, shortly after the merger, presented unprecedented challenges for The Dock Line. Yet, true to its resilient spirit, the company emerged stronger than ever. While physical restrictions hindered print distribution, the digital arm of the business flourished. In Colton’s own words, “many of the existing customers didn’t want to spend money on advertising when they couldn’t open their businesses.” The merger with Voixly proved fortuitous, allowing The Dock Line to pivot seamlessly and meet the evolving needs of its clientele. The team was able to work with clients to shift their businesses online, establishing E-commerce, websites, and a host of other services. Many clients were able to keep their businesses going courtesy of the quick thinking of The Dock Line and their team.

Charting a Course for the Future:

As The Dock Line sets its sights on the horizon, a sense of optimism permeates its ranks. With a newfound focus on video production and the longstanding passion for SEO marketing, the magazine remains at the forefront of industry trends. Bolstered by a legacy of integrity and a commitment to excellence, The Dock Line continues to chart a course for success in the dynamic world of local publishing and digital marketing.

Advice for New Businesses or Businesses in Need of a Boost:

Starting a new business or seeking growth in an existing one can be daunting. Colton emphasizes the importance of timing in marketing, highlighting the success of clients who committed to SEO and advertising. According to him, dedication and a long-term approach are crucial for achieving substantial results. He suggests a hybrid strategy of SEO and advertising for optimal outcomes. Ozzy underscores the significance of integrity and commitment in business. His advice centers on honesty, reliability, and seizing opportunities with focus and determination. By maintaining integrity and staying focused on goals, businesses can navigate challenges and strive for success.

In the ever-changing tides of local publishing and digital marketing, The Dock Line Magazine stands as a steadfast beacon of innovation and resilience. From its humble beginnings on the shores of Lake Conroe to its current position as a multi-market leader, the magazine’s journey is a testament to the power of adaptability and vision. As it navigates the waters of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: The Dock Line Magazine will continue to guide and inspire its readers for generations to come.

Directors of Operations
Jordan Tucker, David Donahoo,
Josh Roper, Colton Rucker,
Verle “Ozzy” Osborne

Meet the dynamic Admin Team at The Dock Line, comprised of Jordan Tucker, David Donahoo, Josh Roper, Colton Rucker, and Verle “Ozzy” Osborne. Together, they ensure seamless operations, prioritizing client needs and maintaining clear communication with staff and clients alike. With a keen eye for innovation, they drive The Dock Line into new emerging markets, exploring untapped opportunities for growth and expansion. Collaborative by nature, they work together to set ambitious goals and strategies, constantly pushing the company to new heights. With their dedication and teamwork, the Admin Team plays a vital role in the success and evolution of The Dock Line.

Jordan leads and supports our video and podcasting department. He is our drone pilot and edits many of our short form and long form videos. He and his wife, Kristina, have 3 children together, Rylie (2021), Jack, and Liam. David is our client and project manager. He keeps the team running smoothly by overseeing projects and deadlines, as well as handling the bulk of communication between our creative teams and our clients. David enjoys bonding with his daughter, Peyton, through their mutual passion for softball. Josh heads our web team, handling daily updates and changes for client websites while showcasing his troubleshooting expertise! Colton, the founder of Voixly, serves as our director of operations. You’ll find him in all of our client meetings, and collaborating with Geoff and 3rd Space Marketing on business reviews. At home, he enjoys time with his wife, Megan, and their three kids: Elanor, Luke, and Frankie. Ozzy is our team’s biggest cheerleader. After over 20 years of working tirelessly on the Dock Line Magazine, he is taking a step back for the younger generation. That doesn’t mean he’s not involved! He loves coming in to kiss babies, shake hands, and offer pep talks.

Magazine Team
Angela Glezman, Linda Sharver, Verle “Ozzy” Osborne, Susan Osborne, Taylor Bingham,
(Not Pictured) Kelly O’quinn.

The driving force behind one of the most popular ad-based magazines in Texas, is the Magazine Team. Consisting of Angela Glezman, Linda Sharver, Verle “Ozzy” Osborne, Susan Osborne, Taylor Bingham, and Kelly O’Quinn, this dynamic team works tirelessly to ensure the magazine’s success. From sales to layout to creative design and editing, each member plays a crucial role in elevating the magazine’s content and expanding its reach. Their dedication, hard work, and deep knowledge of the local market have been instrumental in the magazine’s growth from a single market with 5,000 copies to distribution in 5 markets with over 200,000 copies per month. With their collective expertise and unwavering commitment, the Magazine Team continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the publishing industry.

Since 2000, “Ozzy” and Susan have been the driving force behind our magazine, with three adult children: Nicole, Sherry, and James. Susan’s sister Linda joined us in 2008, initially as a client manager and project manager, and now serves as our Copy Editor. Angela, a steadfast supporter, has been instrumental as a franchise manager, saleswoman, and entrepreneur, guiding the magazine’s direction and participating in chamber events. Kelly O’Quinn, part of our team since 2008, contributes as our graphic designer for the magazine, advertisements, and printables, while balancing life with her daughter, Ashley, and granddaughter, Mekhei. Taylor, our newest addition since 2021, injects a fresh perspective into our magazine with her keen eye for organization and best practices in both print and digital design. Together with her husband, Max, they renovate their 1970’s home, often accompanied by their two children, Anya and Liliana, who frequent the office.

Web Designers Levi Mardis,
Josh Roper, Tanner Mardis

Introducing the Web Team that includes Levi Mardis, Tanner Mardis, and Josh Roper. This dynamic trio is responsible for all the dynamic websites, apps, and hosting services for both internal web pages and client projects. Working seamlessly together, they craft timelines that align with client needs while ensuring each website captures their unique brand essence. With a keen eye for design and a knack for staying ahead of industry trends, the Web Team dedicates countless hours to mastering the latest software and implementing cutting-edge web design techniques. From concept to execution, they consistently deliver top-notch results, earning praise for their attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction.

Levi Mardis excels in website development, handling everything from back-end operations to custom code and app creation. At home, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Karleigh, and their two children, Leila and Finley. Tanner Mardis, his sibling and design counterpart, brings a sharp eye for design and user experience to the table, perfectly complementing his brother’s technical skills. When he’s not immersed in web design, Tanner loves soaking up the outdoors with his wife, Lauren, and their three children, Declan, Amelia, and Ellie. Josh, our operations and web team lead, has been integral to Voixly since its inception and seamlessly transitioned to The Dock Line post-merger. With unparalleled client relations skills and a knack for crafting stunning websites under pressure, he’s a standout in his field. Josh cherishes our family-oriented workplace culture and frequently brings his wife, Bryce Roper, who works as a copywriter, and their daughter, Willa, to the office.

Graphic Designers Kelly Willis, Tanner Mardis, & Taylor Bingham

The Graphic Design Team, Kelly Willis, Tanner Mardis, and Taylor Bingham, are a talented trio responsible for the designs featured in both the magazine and digital services. From meticulously crafted layouts to personalized customer interactions, they devote ample time to understanding and fulfilling each client’s unique vision. With a wealth of collective experience, the team collaborates seamlessly to enhance the appeal and attractiveness of their visually stunning content. They consistently deliver high-quality designs that elevate the overall aesthetic of every project they undertake.

Tanner bridges the gap between the web design and graphics teams, offering valuable insights into brand functionality in digital spaces. Taylor contributes to both the magazine and printables, offering expertise in both digital and physical design. Kelly Willis, our latest addition, enhances our team with exceptional illustration skills and creative vision. Outside of work, she indulges in biking, hiking, and cooking homemade meals.

Sarah Pitre & Bryce Roper

Meet Sarah Pitre and Bryce Roper, the creative minds behind The Dock Line Magazine’s captivating content and the entire written digital catalog for clients. With a passion for storytelling and a flair for creativity, they collaborate seamlessly to craft engaging and tailored content for each client. Sarah and Bryce excel at inventing fresh ideas, ensuring that every piece of content reflects the client’s unique branding and goals. This team understands the importance of giving each client a voice that resonates with their individual spirit. With their expertise and dedication, Sarah and Bryce elevate brands and help them reach their full potential through compelling storytelling and strategic content creation.

Sarah’s background in project management and her dedication to community engagement infuse our client meetings with boundless enthusiasm. At home, she shares her life with her husband, Eric. They have a son, Hunter, currently serving the U.S. Army in Washington. Bryce, a seasoned member of The Dock Line team predating the Voixly merger, initially contributed to web and social media efforts, and has transitioned into a broader role within the company. After an extended maternity leave, she has rejoined our team, often bringing her daughter, Willa, to the office for visits. Interestingly, both Sarah and Bryce are published authors, adding further depth to their already impressive resumes.

Publisher: Angela Glezman

Angela Glezman has held the role of Publisher at The Dock Line Magazine since 2012, bringing over a decade of experience in the publishing industry. She kickstarted the Tomball and Magnolia markets, expanding the magazine’s reach and impact. With a background in political science and psychology, Angela’s expertise extends beyond publishing. Prior to her current role, she worked as a marketer for Phillip Morris during her college years. Married to Steve for 24 years, Angela is a devoted mother to three children, Taylor, Maddison, and Peyton, and a proud grandmother of four. Actively involved in her community, Angela has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since 2010, representing The Dock Line since 2012. Beyond her professional endeavors, Angela is the creative mind behind the brand Bar B Boots. In her leisure time, she enjoys boating and heading out on the town with her best friends.

Billing & Finance Administrator
Kristina Tucker

Kristina has been over our Billing and Administrations since early 2023. Her skills have streamlined many of our processes and continue to support and modernize many of our practices. With her husband Jordan, she is a proud parent to three children: Rylie (2021), Jack, and newborn Liam. She cherishes the flexibility provided by The Dock Line, enabling her to work from home while caring for her children. Additionally, she values the family-oriented environment and the friendships she has forged with her colleagues.



Social Media Manager
Alyssa Tucker

Alyssa is our Social Media Manager. She makes creative and engaging posts for our internal social accounts and our clients accounts. Her knack for curating attention-grabbing content is unparalleled. She is a true Texan at heart and is on her way home from Nashville to be closer to family and the team. She is also excited for wedding planning with her fiancè Jace!





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