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Lake Livingston Fishing Report: April 2024

Lake Livingston Fishing Report: April 2024

Lake Livingston Fishing Report: April 2024

Normal Lake Level

Current Lake Level

Water Temperature
59˚- 65˚

Release –

cfs. 18,000

Water Clarity – Upper River channel muddy, mid lake clearing, lower lake clear, upper creeks tea color


April is Blue Cat month on Lake Livingston. Time to “Bang the Bulkheads”. Conditions are shaping up for the annual Blue Cat spawn.  Look for shad on the bulkheads early morning at first light and the hungry Cats will be there. Crappie will be shallow now providing great action.  Black Bass and Whites are in post spawn in April and sometimes hard to pattern.  With the right conditions falling into place April is a great time to be fishing Lake Livingston. Lake Livingston consists of over 90,000 acres of water and 450 miles of shoreline.


Black Bass  – {largemouth} Fish black and blue lizards and June bug Baby Brush hogs around the logjams now. Throw white spinner baits around shallow wood and rocky points.  Some good fish still being caught on Charlie’s jigs fished around docks in Newton, upper Carolina and Bethy creeks.

Catfish – Good fishing for Blue Cats now on fresh shad fished under a cork shallow on the bulkheads early morning. When the sun gets high move to deeper water and fish fresh shad on the bottom.  Good catfishing on rod and reel baited with fresh shad in the river channel near Riverside as long as the water is moving.  Fishing for Blue Cats on jugs has been good in in the bays when the wind is blowing. Harmon Creek is producing Blue Cats early morning fishing under the bird roost.

Crappie – Look for Crappie to move shallow near the banks in upper lake creeks.  Bethy, White Rock and Harmon should be good now.  Use minnows and jigs on a slip cork in 2’ to 4’ of water as water temperature rises.

White Bass – Whites will be scattering out and can be caught anywhere from the Dam to north of Riverside after the spawn.  Pay close attention now to current weather patterns and water levels. If the main river channel near Riverside is low and green the Whites can be caught here in good numbers on medium diving crank baits.


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