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Derek’s Fishing Adventures: Great Times Fishing

Derek’s Fishing Adventures: Great Times Fishing

Derek’s Fishing Adventures: Great Times Fishing

Galveston 4-13-24

I always love to fish at Galveston. I made a trip there to just hang out with my friends, Nathan, Paxton, Rachel, and my girlfriend Katie.  Everyone just hung out on the beach while Nathan and I were fishing for sharks. Nathan paddled out on the surfboard using bonita for bait. I baited my line with a jack crevalle and paddled out about 400 yards on my surfboard and dropped my bait in the water. I rode back in to the beach on my board and waited about 45 minutes, then something hit my line. I reeled it in and it was an Atlantic sharpnose shark. I released him back into the sea. It was a slow day of fishing but we had fun.


I recently got a new job at 6th Sense. My friend Garrett is on the pro staff there and they flew him down from Alabama to fish with their lures and do some advertising. My job was to take him fishing and drive him around to good fishing spots. We also had a cameraman on board to photograph all the great catches of the day. We had fun. I got to see my friend and also fish with him.


Grant and I wanted to go fishing and I wanted to take Katie along so she could catch some good fish. We arrived at the lake at 7:30 a.m. We started fishing shallow. Grant and I caught a couple. Katie has not been fishing very long so I am taking her to show her how much fun it is.  As Katie was reeling her line in, I told her she had a fish on the line, she did not even know it. I grabbed the fish and put it in the boat.  Katie took pictures with it and released it back into the lake. I caught 5 fish before we got out deep.

We went to the second spot and drove around. We found another school.  I think I caught about 25 fish. Grant caught about 20. Katie caught 5 fish. The biggest fish she landed were a 3 1/2, 4 and a 5 pounder. That is the most fish she has ever caught.

It was a lot of fun, so we stayed from sun up to sun down.


I am now working with Clint. Clint and I go way back to when we were on the fishing team together at Montgomery High School. In fact, we won the first school trophy together. That was a great day. Clint has not been fishing much lately and I thought it would be great to get together and put him on some nice fish.  Nathan also came along. We caught fish after fish. We caught them shallow and deep. It was Clint and Nathan’s best day of fishing that they have ever had! 


The ladies I work with wanted to go out fishing today.  We went out for a few hours and we all caught fish. They were all caught on 6th Sense products.  Reeling them in was fun for all of us! THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!!!

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