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Familia Americana, Article 26: Transforming America – The Plan

Familia Americana, Article 26: Transforming America – The Plan

Article 26: Transforming America – The Plan

Over the past four years and since President Joe Biden took office, our country has been on a fast-moving downward spiral of recklessness and instability. We have allowed over 11 million foreign nationals to enter our country illegally by ignoring federal immigration laws. We have given stipends and free support to those millions who have broken the law and have further smeared anyone who objects to these actions by calling them “racists and xenophobes.” We have allowed toxic drugs that kill 100,000 Americans a year to enter our borders, permitting and promoting a rise in drug trafficking. Sex trafficking and human trafficking have also risen tremendously. Our national debt is in the trillions and anyone wishing to curtail federal spending is labeled “cruel and inhumane.” We have taken a turn towards socialism – cultural Marxism, in fact – whereby all societal issues are seen through a divisive lens of sex, race, gender, religion, oppressors, and oppressed, not just of economic class. All meritocratic standards have practically been destroyed. No longer are there standards for college admissions (college entry exams have become optional at some of the top universities in the nation and nonexistent in others) but also, retention, promotion, and commendation in the workplace is evermore based on how you look rather than how you perform. At the root of this cancer is equity: the collectivist, Marxist ideology that has produced devastating results everywhere it has been tried. Marxism and socialism have led to the poverty and death of over a hundred million people in the last century alone. And among the fires of our times, we are embracing an ideology that is anti-freedom, anti-prosperity, divisive, and leads to the downfall and misery of a nation and its citizens.

In the first two installments of Transforming America, we looked at American cities being overrun by illegal aliens at its borders and reviewed the impact of illegal immigration on American cities, society, and on citizens. But what is the reason for this recklessness?

The plan is threefold: 1) to establish a complete transformation of American society; a change to America’s demographic composition, a change to American culture and values; 2) build a dependency on the State (the foundation for a centralized government rather than the founding ideals and republic of our land), and 3) develop a voting base that will sustain and guarantee electoral wins for the Democratic party (which has seen a shift and losses of its most reliable base – the minority Hispanic and black voter.)

The transformation of America started over 15 years ago when Barak Obama took office. His message of “change we can believe in” soon became one of “change” through division according to race, gender, sex, religion, and politics. Since then, America has become a nation evermore alienated into these groups. Reluctance to recognizing these divisions as “worthy causes” earns you a label of [being a] racist, xenophobe, White nationalist, Nazi, part of the patriarchy, and everything that is wrong with America today. So what happens when this strategy of cultural Marxism meets growing opposition and Americans become tired of these divisions? You must then transform America and the American Way.

America is further being altered by building a dependency on the State. Illegals are introduced to the generosity of the American taxpayer and believe they will be provided these benefits in the future. Upon the government reneging these benefits, they will become resentful of a system that has ceased to provide; after all, they have grown accustomed to the aid and feel a sense of entitlement for being asylum seekers. As soon as they are able to vote, they will vote for the political party that will continue to deliver benefits. This mentality of dependency starts from the offset. They bring it from their homelands and we reinforce it on Day 1. The cycle of dependency continues. This already happens in Latin America where dependency on government and social programs works the same way: the citizen remains dependent on the government and will vote for the candidate who will maintain their social benefits.

Lastly, the Democratic party is considering granting millions of illegals a pathway to citizenship and outright giving them a right to vote. A pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens who were allowed entry – who broke our laws – and are then rewarded with the honor of having the same rights as all Americans, is irresponsible and despicable. American citizenship is not to be given away or be taken lightly. There is great value in being a citizen of the greatest country in the world. And this privilege should not be watered down or handed out freely and easily.

As for granting illegal aliens the right to vote, surprisingly, they can already vote in certain local elections. Many municipalities and local governments in California grant illegals the right to vote. They are considered “undocumented non-citizens” and are afforded the greatest honor bestowed to our American citizens: the right to set the direction of our country. San Francisco and Oakland allow “undocumented residents and noncitizens” to vote in school board elections. Washington DC allows noncitizens to vote for mayor and city council members as well as on referendums. New York City is begging the courts to allow 800,000 illegals to be given the right to vote in their local elections.

Congressional Democrats are fighting for measures that would allow an expansion of voting possibilities under the guise that anything contrary would result in minority voters – people of “color” – being disenfranchised or unable to vote. As if we’re too ignorant to figure out when we can vote, where to go vote, and how to use a voting machine to cast our vote! Protecting against fraud, election irregularities, and ensuring that only Americans vote in our country’s elections is of absolutely no concern. To Democrats, foreigners – illegals, who are breaking the law – should also get to determine what it is in the best interest of their host country and its citizens. This should never be so! Americans must be at the helm and must set the direction of their country at all times.

We are victims of our own success in the West. We have arrived at a point where we don’t have to worry about anything – all our needs are easily met – and so now what? We have therefore turned toward teaching others to hate our society and seeing everything under the lens of racism and inequality. Marxism. American schools, American colleges, the media, and popular culture teach the youth that America is evil. What we get is a people who tear down history, disturb the peace, commit crimes, and even destroy the livelihood of their fellow citizen. When these strategies start to lose steam and people get tired of the constant hatred, division, and tension in the nation, the ruling party must change tactics and resort to a more permanent change: a major and more permanent transformation of America.

We must foil the plan and abandon socialist ideals; we must strive to keep our freedoms and preserve our republic. America is worth fighting for and we have to cut the cord of division and move back in the direction of putting America first, securing our freedom, rewarding hard work, fostering self-sufficiency, promoting a healthy market economy, and encouraging a more wholesome society. We must focus on enriching – not substituting – American culture so that future generations inherit the type of country that made America great to begin with. This plan to remake and replace America is malicious and intentional; it is anti-American and stands against our founding principles. The Presidential Election is around the corner, just six months away. We can succeed in our efforts to make things right and save America. Understand the plan, stop the plan, and let’s save America.

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