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Press Release: Carriage Inn Flags Stir Patriotism in Conroe Community

Press Release: Carriage Inn Flags Stir Patriotism in Conroe Community

Carriage Inn Flags Stir Patriotism in Conroe Community

American flags are flying proudly at Carriage Inn senior living community in Conroe, where residents join in the community’s annual display of patriotism. As soon as the roses in the community’s courtyard begin to bloom, the American flags come out in full force.

“We are honored to serve a community that includes many veterans who have demonstrated extraordinary patriotism and dedication to their country. Their achievements are a source of great pride for all of us,” said Carriage Inn Executive Director, Rosetta Day.

Over the last few years, Carriage Inn residents have taken great care to preserve this community tradition.

“I guess it started when Libby Graves moved in,” said resident, Charles Leggett.  “I’m a veteran and had a flag flying.  On my left, James Stevens, a veteran, also had a flag flying. When Libby moved into the right of me and put up her flag, we suddenly had four veterans and four flags in a row.  Gene Miller, another veteran, was in the apartment to her right.”

People noticed the four flags on “veteran’s row” and inquired about purchasing and installing flags on their own patios.  Soon more than 50 percent of the apartments in the second courtyard had flags.  Individuals purchased the flags and the solar lights, and they were installed by Graves and Leggett over a period of about a month.  All the flags have spinners to prevent them from wrapping, and solar lights which stay on all night, in accordance with flag regulations.  The mounts also include a half-staff position. With the arrival of spring and the emergence of hundreds of red roses, the second courtyard is awash with patriotism.   

“All of the veterans living in the courtyard now have flags,” said Libby. “We hope to see more flags in the front courtyard, as others join in.”

Ms. Libby Graves was a photojournalist in the Army from 1971-1974. She served as the editor of the Fort Hood

Sentinel from 1972-1974 and editor of Copperas Cove Press from 1974-75. Graves attended the University of

Texas at Austin, earning a B.A. in 1980 summa cum laude, and a M.A. from Bryn Mawr College in 1982. She also worked as a NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge) with the Public Information Office, 1st Infantry Division (Reforger) in 1983.

Mr. Charlie Legget had a 28-year career in the military where he worked as an intelligence analyst in

many divisions, including the 3rd Air Division, 327th Air Division, and the 13th Air Force Division (Vietnam War). He also worked as a SSO (Special Security Officer) for five years.    

Carriage Inn Conroe offers an independent living lifestyle with limitless options for older adults to live life to the fullest in a manner that best suits their interests and desires. The community is located at 750 Longmire Road in Conroe, TX. For more information about independent living at Carriage Inn Conroe, visit https://www.carriageinnconroe.com/ or contact Patsy Torres at 936-506-3178 or [email protected]. Locally owned, Carriage Inn Senior Living is managed by The Long Hill Company, a subsidiary of United Methodist Homes, a non-profit senior living provider organization with a 150-year history of caring.

Photo 1: (L to R) Carriage Inn veterans, Libby Graves and Charlie Legget.

Photo 2 and 3: 24 American flags being flown over the back courtyard is an amazing display of patriotism and love for our country.

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