From the Managing Editor

Does anyone know what season it is? I believe it’s finally fall! Cool mornings, cool evenings and unfortunately shorter days. This is October and before we can bend down and pick up the leaves it will be winter. Next month, on November the 28th to be exact, it will be the day Ozzy broke me out of the joint 5 years ago. Things change because time doesn’t stand still and neither does technology. I was told to ask you all to check out our web and social media platforms. Our social media strategists, web-masters and staff at Dock Line Magazine have been working for over a year to not only expand our readership through the traditional printed version of the magazine, but also expand in every way possible. This will not only help our Dock Line advertisers, but it will also make it easier for our readers to see even more articles and promotions throughout the month, week and every day. So keep an eye on every day so you don’t miss out.

Well, I’ve done my job for the month and all I had left to do was wear this silly hat in the picture above, get my bone for all my hard work, so now I’m outta here!!!!!

— George