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5 Ways to be a Better Fisherman

5 Ways to be a Better Fisherman

Becoming a better fisherman takes time. If you work consistently at fishing you will get better at it and see remarkable improvements. Don’t get down if you have a bad day or week of fishing. You can improve your game. Here are 5 ways to become a better fisherman.


Whether you have been fishing for your whole life or just fishing for the first time, anyone can make this mistake. Instead of jerking the line quickly when you get a bite, stay steady. After setting the hook, real in your fish slowly in order to keep them on. The fish will not be tossed off the hook so easily and you can be prepared to grab the fish. Make it a mental note that every time you hook a fish you will reel slowly. This may be easy or hard depending on the size of the fish so train your reactions to be slow.

Try fishing at dawn or dusk

White bass and other fish are more likely to bite on a cloudy day or when the sun is not out. If you are having trouble catching anything, try fishing in the morning. The fish are more active and eat more in the mornings before the heat rolls in.. Also, it’s often way cooler for you to fish at those times and won’t cause you to overheat, especially if you are fishing in Texas. You may even be able to catch more fish in less time. 

Always be researching new spots

To become a better fisherman you can’t stagnate. A lot of fishermen fall in love with a lake or pond and fish there for years on end. Don’t do that. Take a look around in your area and look for new spots to fish. Read magazines like Field and Stream to find areas to fish in and guides on how to become a better fisherman. In addition, do your homework on fish. Scour new bait and tactics that may help you catch fish. Figure out what type of fishing techniques work best for you. Prepare yourself with the right fishing tools for every trip.

Work on your accuracy

An experienced fisherman can cast their line in a specific spot with accuracy. You should be able to, too. Not only will this help you catch fish, but it can help you not waste time. If you know where the fish are and can cast a line right to them, then you don’t have to worry about not getting a bite. If you can hit your target consistently, you will be able to catch more fish. Furthermore, getting down your casting rhythm and stance can help your back and muscles from aching.


The most critical of all these steps to be a better fisherman is to practice. You will not get better if you don’t get out in the water. Keep a journal of the days you go fishing. Jot down what you caught and how long it took to catch the fish. Keeping this record will help you see how far you have improved over time. Importantly, over time you will find your own style of fishing. Overall, it’s about being in nature and perfecting your craft.

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