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5 Best Places to Go Fishing in Texas

5 Best Places to Go Fishing in Texas

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities. Fishing in Texas, even better. If you are an avid fisherman you should do yourself a favor and explore some of the great lakes Texas has to offer. With breathtaking views and a stout wildlife population, you can find almost any type of fish you are looking to catch. Here is a guide to some of the best spots in Texas to go fishing.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

Located in the Frio River watershed in Live Oak and McMullen, this lake is great for catching bass. Many fishing tournaments take place here and it is a must-stop for fishing in Texas. About an hour away from San Antonio, you will find all types of fish here, largemouth bass being a specialty. You will also have to contend with all types of wildlife surrounding the reservoir with alligators, hogs, and turkeys on the bank. You can also catch blues, channel, and flathead catfish or bluegills and redear sunfish. With gorgeous views, Choke Canyon Reservoir is great fishing in Texas for the serious fisherman or the family. You’ll find it on just about every best place to fish list. Just make sure to watch out for wildlife!

Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad is not only great for fishing in Texas, but is also great for camping, hiking, rock art viewing, and cultural history. Known as a “boaters paradise” this lake is home to some of the best views, and more importantly, fish in Texas. You will find this lake 12 miles north of Del Rio and a great place to fish in the winter and fall times. This lake is also home to several Bass Masters competitions and is regularly seen as a premier place to fish. One of the best things about Lake Amistad is its diverse ecosystem which makes it great fishing in Texas. You can find black bass, stripers, yellow and channel catfish here. Fish cleaning stations are also located in the park as they discourage throwing fish carcasses back into the lake due to pollutants. If you come here, plan on staying the weekend because there is so much to do! Just make sure to have the right boating permits when you hit the lake.

Lake Fork

Another top-rated place for fishing in Texas is Lake Fork. You can come to this lake in the spring, fall, or winter. However, this lake is for serious fishermen. Huge largemouth bass can be found here and several competitions are held here. Located 5 miles northwest of Quitman, on the Sabine River in Hopkins or Rains and Wood counties, this lake is great fishing in Texas. You can take your boat or do some bank fishing as well. You can fish for largemouth bass, white crappie & black crappie, channel catfish, white bass, and sunfish. There are specific regulations that affect bag size and limit. Make sure to follow these regulations as this lake has gained in popularity in the fishing competition arena. If you are a serious fisherman, this may be the perfect spot for you!

Lake Buchanan

With stunning sites, Lake Buchanan is a great place for all fishing in Texas. You will find largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, and catfish. Bow fishers do have some special regulations to contend with in these waters but make no mistake, it is worth it! The lake is so large that many people find multiple spots to do some great fishing. You really don’t have to worry about running into other people’s lines. There is also a large lighthouse at the end of the lake that can be great for sightseeing with the family. You can also camp near the lake or stay in an RV park. Also, your family will have access to parking, restrooms, and bank fishing as well. Lake Buchanan is located on the Colorado River in the city of Burnet. We recommend this lake as a great place for families to go fishing in Texas.

Lake Conroe

Catfish is king at Lake Conroe, but don’t let that stop you from coming to this massive lake. You can fish for a blue, channel, and flathead catfish, striped, white, and largemouth bass, crappie, and smallmouth buffalo. While it’s known for catfish, it is also a premier bass fishing lake, and recently hosted the Bass Master Classic. The lake and the surrounding ecosystem are diverse. You could run into deer, seagulls, or even alligators. This can be a great trip for professionals as several competitions happen throughout the year. Look at a fishing report or fishing forecast if you want to catch something specific during a period of the year. 

However, that isn’t to say this lake should just be left to just the pros. This is a fantastic place for families to go fishing in Texas. Only about an hour away from downtown Houston, it can be a great day at the lake or a weekend stay. There are campsites and plenty of shorelines to do some bank fishing. You can also stay in a hotel as the lake is not far from areas like The Woodlands. If your family isn’t into fishing, you can also try out activities such as jet skiing, boating, hunting, golfing, swimming and many more! We recommend this lake to anyone who has never been fishing in Texas but wants to make the most of it.

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