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The Best Places to Go Tubing in Texas

The Best Places to Go Tubing in Texas

Floating a river in Texas is somewhat a rite of passage. There is something in the Lone Star state that makes us crave good family fun and being in the water. It’s probably the heat, but also that we have some of the best rivers to float in the nation. Here is a list of rivers that we believe have something to offer for everyone when you go tubing in Texas.

The best places to go tubing in Texas is the Frio River, the Guadalupe River, Trinity River, San Marcos River, and the Comal River. Let’s look at each one and see what they have to offer!

The Frio River

Around the San Antonio area is the popular Frio River. This river is great for families to go tubing in Texas. Not only for the tubing but also for camping, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and canoeing. You’ll be deep in the hill country of Texas surrounded by beautiful trees. Most families opt to stay the weekend as you can hike the trails surrounding the area as well. It is a very scenic and slow-moving river so prepare with a packing list of items to bring. Lodging can be readily available and close to many of the activities that surround the river. Make sure to go on a hot summer day as the river is known to be cold!

Guadalupe River

Running from Kerr County to San Antonio Bay, the Guadalupe River is a mainstay of tubing in Texas. Friendly for families and the adult crowd, this river promises a lot of bang for your buck. You can take a two, three, or six-hour float depending on what is most appealing for you. Whether you want to rough it going camping or stay in a nice cabin, the Guadalupe has something to offer for everyone. The water is perfect for the summertime and offers fly fishing, rafting, and canoeing as well. If you want to learn more about nature and wildlife surrounding the area you can head over to the Riverside Nature Center. This is a non-profit arboretum that houses over 140 tree species. Tubing in Texas is bigger and better and rivers like the Guadalupe have a little bit of something for everyone. 

Trinity River

Located around the Dallas and Fort Worth area, this river is open to the public weekly in the summer. It’s an easy to float river that many can carpool to for the day. From the start of June, the river will host the Rockin’ the River Concert series. Bands are invited to come to play for over 4 hours at a time and it is like a recurring festival with bands throughout the summer. You can float the river and listen to tunes. When the concerts are ongoing, this is more suited for an adult crowd. However, the river also hosts other entertainment throughout the year. . There is also the Water Lantern Festival and the River and Blues festival. Tubing in Texas isn’t always just for the kids.

San Marcos River

Popular among college-age students, the San Marcos River actually runs through the campus of Texas State University of San Marcos. If you are looking for tubing in Texas that is all about partying, then this is the river for you. Most people float the river with floating coolers and waterproof speakers. The waters are not rapid but there are some spots where you won’t be able to touch the bottom. Most students in the Austin area also travel here as well. This can be a good day trip for you and your friends to open up a cold one. Just make sure to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen.

Comal River

A river float for new beginners? Three miles long so you can float it multiple times? Access to one of Texas’s biggest and best water parks, Schlitterbahn? The Comal River is one of the easiest rivers to go tubing in Texas. Not only is it a great first experience if you are new to tubing, but you also get the luxury of being so close to New Braunfels. You can actually float into the waterpark, Schlitterbahn, and you could even stay on property if you wanted, too! This is a great river for families as it’s not too long of a float. Plus, you are close to so many amenities and attractions!  

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