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Apps That Can Help You Workout From Home

Apps That Can Help You Workout From Home

For beginners, it can be tough going to the gym for fear of judgment. However, you don’t need to sign up for a gym membership right away to start improving your health. You can workout from home and get the same results. These apps are not just for beginners, but they would benefit from all of them. They will also help you if you are trying to get in a quick workout before work.

Nike+ Training Club

When you workout from home, you often want convenience and timed workout routines to help you stay on time. The Nike+ Training Club is free (although it does have a premium version) with hundreds of workouts to choose from. You can choose different levels of intensity, time, and exercise style. Whether you want to try a 30-minute dumbbell exercise or 15-minutes of high-intensity cardio, this app has you covered. Videos with play tutorials during your workout on how to complete each exercise. You won’t have to go looking up how to do a workout. The app already has that built-in for you. The premium version of this app offers nutrition and workout tips as well as other workout plans. This is a great app if you want to target specific muscles or get some ideas to switch up your routine when you workout from home. Try this and other apps below if you are looking at beginner workouts.


Aaptiv is a great app for beginners new to working out. They have personalized workout playlist that is adapted to your goals. Want to lose weight? How about improving your endurance? Trying to prepare for a marathon? Aaptiv has you covered as weekly workouts are picked out for you. Each workout playlist also is music-driven so you don’t have to worry about picking a playlist every morning. Your workout will be crafted by expert trainers that will give you the results you want. This app is audio-only so if you are new to doing your workout from home you may want to look up workouts beforehand. However, this app is also a great companion when going to the gym as well. Unlimited access starts at just $14.99 a month. Just plug in your headphones and get moving!

Pocket Yoga

Recommended as one of the best yoga apps on many lists, Pocket Yoga is geared toward newbies who want to workout from home. One of their key features is that they have pictures of every single pose they offer in their app so you can study. Pocket Yoga will guide you throughout your session, all you need to do is bring your mat. You will be given both visual and voice instructions, which are great when you workout from home. Apple Airplay is available with this app as well so you can throw it on your big screen for an even better picture. The app will play soft sounds in the background or you can opt for your own playlist. Want to ramp up your workouts? Not a problem as you can select another difficulty when choosing your workout. The app will also work offline so long as you download your workout routine. You don’t just have to workout from home. But anywhere that works best for you. The app starts at $2.99.


Already an athlete and looking for something intense? Keelo has you covered. Keelo is a functional high-intensity workout app. They focus on strength and conditioning workouts you can do from home. The app tailors its workouts to your goals and you will be guided along the entire workout. You can keep track of your progress, and share your progress with other Keelo members. The app is free, but also has a paid premium subscription starting at $12.99. Don’t be fooled though, the free version has exhausting workouts that anyone would be challenged by. We recommend this for someone who loves to workout from home but also likes to push themselves.

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Crossfit btwb

Crossfit btwb has everything you need when you workout from home. Your CrossFit goals are customized to you and you can track each workout. You can track your Macros and plan your meals according to your weight loss goals. See how you stack up against other users on the platform with leaderboard rankings and your progress. Improve your fitness level and complete featured workouts that will push you to your limits. This is a great app for tracking milestones and improving your overall CrossFit game. The app is free so you can easily try it out when you workout from home.

Couch to 5k Runner

Also highly touted as one of the best workout apps, Couch to 5k Runner helps people get in running shape in 9 weeks. It’s almost a no brainer that this app is perfect for those who are new to working out. Except the app has more to offer than just that! You can plan your running routes, achieve higher goals, and have integration with MyFitnessPal. The app helps you achieve the goals you have dreamed about and can keep you from catching a cramp. This is great if you workout from home because you can customize it to your neighborhood. You can also listen to different types of music within the app and can customize your listening experience. People who have never worked out usually end up using the program multiple times. It starts with just 30 minutes a day three times a week. 


Developed by Adidas, Runtastic is for the runner who is serious about their mile times. You will be part of a global community that is all about running. Keep track of your times, routes, distance, and duration goals. Not only that, but you will have a Voice Coach that will give you audio feedback as you run. You can also be cheered on by your friends and family when you share that you are almost finished with your running goals. They even have shoe tracking which will let you know when it is time to get another shoe! It is a favorite app of runners and those who work out from home. Just remember to keep challenging yourself!

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