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Best Pet Insurance Options

Best Pet Insurance Options

You may be wondering if pet insurance is worth the cost? If you have ever been to the vet and had to pay for surgery for your pet then you know how expensive it can be. Pet insurance can help relieve some of that huge bill and help keep you from the difficult decision of euthanasia. You don’t have to worry about finances keeping you from taking care of your companions. We found some highly rated pet insurance providers that offer a little something for everyone.


One of the best pet insurances you can buy for life-threatening injury or sickness, FIGO makes services easy and affordable. You can protect your pet with three plans that range in prices, with the average plan costing $1.50 a day according to their website. When you receive a bill for your pet care, you will then submit it to the “Pet Cloud”, which will keep all of your information and documents stored. You can also download documents as well. The claim will then go to FIGO and you will be reimbursed. Depending on the plan you have, FIGO may offer 100% reimbursement for a pet bill. There is an annual deductible that will be dependent on the policy that you choose, and a premium that must be paid. That premium is dependent on your plan and deductible. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this pet insurance.

Another way the “Pet Cloud” helps you is by setting up reminders for appointments, connecting you to other dog owners, and being able to live chat with a Vet on staff! Having access to live Vet advice can be critical when an emergency happens. You can also explore healthy activities for you and your pet to engage in within the app. The Balance also reports that there is a 5-day waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, and a 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligaments and patellas. FIGO is the best pet insurance for families worried about a major illness or accident. 


Popular for home and auto insurance, Nationwide is also at the forefront of pet insurance. With plans starting as low as $35 per month you can visit any vet in the United States. You will then submit your claim and they will send you a check. This check will pay a portion of the claim that you owe. Reimbursement is capped at a certain amount for each condition, not treatment. You can choose different types of coverage for your pet. Some examples include: Whole Pet with Wellness, Major Medical, and just Pet Wellness. A la carte coverage is available as well if you do not believe those meet your standards. You will also have a deductible to pay.

Nationwide also specializes in bird and exotic wildlife pet insurance, which many other insurance companies do not even offer. Most treatments such as accidents, illness, examination, lab fees, prescriptions, hospitalizations, x-rays, and more will be covered by your policy. This may be the best pet insurance for you if you are looking for a reptile or exotic animal to be covered. However, they also include coverage for your normal everyday pets like dogs and cats.

Healthy Paws

Featured on many best pet insurance lists, Healthy Paws can be a great option for your dog or cat. Healthy Paws claims that 99% of claims are handled within two days. In addition, they are a highly rated insurance provider with outstanding customer service. They offer no caps on claim payouts for the lifetime of your animal, and as long as it isn’t a pre-existing condition, you’re covered. Just meet your annual deductible and there are no yearly limits. You can also use any licensed vet of your choice. Take a photo of your claim and submit it online and your claim will be processed. Healthy Paws offers 90% reimbursement on their plan. This does mean that you cannot choose an a la carte system of things you want to be covered. Yet, most preventative and surgical care is covered under this plan. Customers report high satisfaction with claims being processed and the level of care covered. Most importantly, they are one of the highest-rated pet insurance providers with coverage and customer service.

Pets Best

Looking for an emergency-only option for pet insurance? Pets Best has you covered. Like most others, you will submit a claim and be reimbursed. One of the lowest-priced, Pets Best offers all different types of coverage that you can choose from. They offer a wide-ranging deductible model that can result in more or less out of pocket costs depending on what best fits your needs. There are no upper age limits on care, and you will also have access to a 24/7 Vet hotline. This may be the best pet insurance for an older pet due to how many variations you need for your plan. Pet Bests offers two tiers of pet routine care coverage that can be added to any annual wellness plan with no deductible. Covered are annual exams, blood work, vaccinations, and more. If you are looking for a pet care provider with multiple plans and options to choose from then this is a great fit for you. Plans start as low as $9 dollars for a dog and $6 dollars for a cat per month.


Premiums at the ASPCA are dependent on your geographic location, species, breed, and age of your pet, according to their website. This is the case with the other providers mentioned as well. ASPCA boasts having an all-inclusive care plan that covers major surgeries and other life-threatening illnesses. Also, they offer preventive care plans and accident-only coverage. You can visit any vet you want in the nation. ASPCA only covers pet insurance for dogs and cats. If you have an exotic animal or reptile this is not the insurance for you. They offer annual deductibles and 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement plans of pet claims. There are illness and accident waiting periods of 14-days when signing up for coverage. All pets are eligible regardless of health. ASPCA is highly customizable and gives you many options on pet coverage. They have been in the business since 1997 and have always been rated highly at meeting customers where they are.

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