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10 Best Places to Visit on a Texas Road Trip

10 Best Places to Visit on a Texas Road Trip

If you want to see what the Lone Star state has to offer, you need to plan a Texas road trip. There are so many fun and weird cities you can explore that can only be found in Texas. Whether you are looking to party with friends or want family-friendly fun, Texas has it all. Here are the 10 best places you can visit on your Texas road trip.


One of the best cities to do a Texas road trip in, Austin is the capital of Texas. Whether you are a history buff or like to relax, Austin has a little bit of everything. Try touring the state capital building or hitting up infamous 6th street for the great nightlife. You will also be able to find all types of music in Austin as it is known as one of the premier places for live music. That’s just a normal day. If you do a Texas road trip during the South x Southwest festival you’ll be able to see hundreds of artists. Also, Austin has a vibrant film scene and many film festivals take place during the year. That’s not all, take a trip to see the cathedral of junk or go tubing in a nearby river. Austin is a melting pot of the interesting and weird and is a great place to include on a Texas road trip.

San Antonio

Home to the Alamo and a blending of Texas and Mexican culture, San Antonio is a vibrant city. If you are looking for Tex-Mex, this is the place to go. It is home to some of the best enchiladas in the state and has many activities for families. Enjoy Six Flags or Sea World when you visit this city. Float some of the rivers or stay in a luxury hotel right on the water. You can also visit the Witte Museum or fly indoors at iFly. This is a beautiful city to take your family to on your Texas road trip.

Cascade Caverns 

Located north of San Antonio, take the guided tour to see all types of natural rock formations. The weather is always cool in the caverns and you can have an educational adventure without breaking the bank. If you plan on staying longer than a day, you can camp out at one of the campsites. You will have access to restrooms, picnic tables, free wifi, and other offerings as well.

Big Bend National Park

Want to get out in nature and see some beautiful scenery? Big Bend National Park has all of that and much more! A great trip for those looking for adventure or a family outing. There are several ways to see Big Bend. You can camp out, go hiking, take the Ross Maxwell scenic drive, or walk to the Santa Elena Canyon. Whatever you do, it’s important to have an itinerary for Big Bend. You cannot see Big Bend in just one day. Plan multiple days if you want to get the full experience on your Texas road trip. 

Corpus Christi

Trying to beat the summer heat? Corpus Christi allows you to camp right on the beach and stay close to the water. You can also visit museums and art galleries that show off local works. Try taking a tour of the USS Lexington or visit the Texas State Aquarium. You’ll see beautiful sights if you visit the seawall. You can also catch a baseball game at Whataburger Field. Although this is a great town for families, oftentimes you will find college kids here partying on the beach. However, that shouldn’t stop you. There is a beach here for every type of road tripper and you should not miss this fun!


Marfa is a special town. Only on a Texas road trip could you find a town like this. Marfa offers several art galleries to see and spas to relax in. They also have a West Texas road trip guide to get the most out of your trip. This little town is home to several restaurants and stores you have to see to believe! most famous though, is the Marfa Lights. The Marfa Lights is a legendary phenomenon that visitors come from all around to see. Mysterious lights appear at night and no one can explain. Go during the Marfa Lights festival and experience the town at its best.

Fort Worth

Known as a “cow town”, Fort Worth offers a full-on cowboy experience for a Texas road trip. Daily cattle drives happen here as a way of preserving the town’s roots. If you are taking your family, check out the Fort Worth Zoo or any of the downtown restaurants.  Or if you are looking for some thrills, hop on over to Six Flags. Either way, you must visit the Fort Worth stockyards and learn the true history of the cowboy. Also, if you have a hankering for BBQ, this is the place to be!


About 40 minutes away from Fort Worth is the sprawling city of Dallas. Dallas has everything from touring Broadway shows to huge sports stadiums. If you have an itch to shop around, Dallas is your go-to place. You need to visit this city on your Texas road trip because of the food, clubs, museums, and other attractions to visit. Go see the Ross Perot museum, which is a four-story museum dedicated to telling the story of how humans came to be. Jump right across the road and visit the downtown aquarium. You can also visit the local food district right by the aquarium and eat some gator tails! This city is great for a family weekend Texas road trip.


The fourth-largest city in America by population, Houston is a booming metropolitan area. Visit unique places on your Texas road trips like the Johnson Space Center, or the Holocaust Museum. You also have a wonderful nightlife to choose from hundreds of bars and clubs to go to. Catch a show at the Alley Theater or visit one of the beautiful parks for a late afternoon picnic. If you want the full Houston experience, visit during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You will enjoy great food, music, dancing, and sights to see. Take rides at the carnival or watch cowboys try to tame the west with the rodeo. This city is big enough for everyone.


Finally, no Texas road trip is complete without going to Galveston. Galveston is a unique experience being so close to Houston, but still separate. Visit the carnival on Pleasure Pier and stay in one of the luxury hotels. The food is great and the people are friendly. You will find little shops and food joints that make the trip feel special. Don’t hesitate to check out the wildlife exhibits at Moody Gardens, and of course, take a stroll on the beach. This is a great place to stop for both families and those looking to party.

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