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10 Amazon Prime Originals You Should be Watching

10 Amazon Prime Originals You Should be Watching

Amazon Prime Originals have established themselves as quality content over the years, and if you haven’t checked out any shows, now is the time. Instead of trying to guess at which show you should watch, we have compiled a list of some of the best Amazon Prime Originals. Here are 10 shows you should start watching now! 

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Good Omens

From the minds of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett comes this mythical tale about the end of the world and raising a child….well sort of. After all, this boy is the spawn of Satan and deemed to be the end of mankind. This Amazon Prime Original stars an all-star cast with two great leads, David Tennet as Crowley (a demon who may not be so evil) and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale (an angel who isn’t so much into fighting). Not only is this an engaging story with likable characters, but it’s also hilarious. It is consistently ranked as one of the best shows on Amazon Prime. If you like funny and quirky characters and love mythology this is one of the Amazon Prime Originals for you! There is only one season currently, but it is definitely worth your time and the show left it open for the possibility for a second season. To watch any of these shows in the best format, we recommend the 4k Fire Stick or downloading the Amazon Prime app.

The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

Looking for a period piece of comedy that is also relevant to the current day and age? We thought you’d never ask! With many Emmys and a lead actress (Rachel Brosnahan) who doesn’t hold back, this is the tale of a woman who started stand-up comedy after her life fell apart – in the 1950s. It mixes drama, romance, and of course comedy, to tell interesting and biting stories about how the world is both different and the same. Check out this Amazon Prime Original if you are looking for a show that balances class, gender, and religion in a comedic way. You might just find out that great things can be born out of tragedy. 

The Boys

Ever wonder what would happen if superheroes were not altruistic? What if the government covered up for their crimes in order to save face? What if Superman was a psychopath? The Boys aims to tackle those questions. Based on the award-winning comic written by Gareth Ennis, The Boys tackles the basic questions of how our world with superheroes would change. Starring Keith Urban as “Billy Butcher”, and Jack Quaid as “Hughie Campbell”, this story starts as a revenge tale, but ends up exposing much more about this alternate world. This show is not for children. In fact, it may not be for some adults. Violence, gore, nudity, language, and graphic sexual content are all part of the show. The Boys is one of the Amazon Prime Originals that is unrelenting in its vision to be authentic and push boundaries. It is one of the best Amazon originals to date. Just don’t eat beforehand. 


Looking for a show to deal with both grief and comedy? Fleabag is the story of a woman looking to cope with her world in….healthier…ways. Delightfully funny and raunchy, Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays the title character of Fleabag and does not disappoint. The writing is fantastic and the actors have great chemistry to make the jokes land. If you are thinking this show is for a younger, female audience, you’d be dead wrong. Fleabag’s problems and struggles with grief can be experienced by anyone and the story of change is universal. The story of also denying problems is pretty universal, too. She also breaks the 4th wall often.


Bosch is your new favorite crime drama. I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve already seen crime drama and know what to expect.” No, no you haven’t. Bosch is a force of justice. He may bend the rules, but he will always follow through. The cast is impressive and headed by Titus Welliver. It is one of the Amazon Prime Originals that takes the best of the genre and combines them into something that best exemplifies crime shows. LA cop Bosch is on a mission to route out crime and expose those who are corrupt. This crime show has a lot to say about justice and how far someone will go to seek it.

Sneaky Pete

Gaining in popularity, Sneaky Pete is the story of life on the other side of the law. When known criminal Marius Josipovic (played by Giovanni Ribisi) takes on the identity of his cellmate to avoid paying money to a gangster (Bryan Cranston), all breaks loose. In a clever cat and mouse game, Sneaky Pete is about the thrill of staying ahead of your opponent. Fans of Justified and Breaking Bad should check this show out. Fair warning though, the show tends to start slow, but once it gets going it’s not like other con-men shows. The story becomes intricate and lives are put on the line all for some cash and an escape to freedom. Three seasons are currently streaming of this Amazon Prime Original. 


A fairly recent show, Hunters stars Logan Lerman and Al Pacino as Nazi hunters after WW2. After the war, some Nazis escaped to America by giving up secrets and information on soviets and other science-related projects. However, these Nazis are planning a “Fourth Reich” and want to take over America. Intriguing, bloody, and thrilling, Hunters honors the tradition of America of taking down Nazis. It’s got a little bit of everything you want and can be a bit zany at times. If you are looking for an Amazon Prime Original that you can sit back and turn your brain off to, this is the show for you!


Starring Billy Bob Thorton as a disgraced lawyer, this is the tale of revenge and our justice system. When Billy Mcbride agrees to take on the case of Patty for a wrongful death case, things began to start into motion that no one can predict. To follow this case, it’s going to take more than what has got him by in the past. He will have to seek the truth, and in doing so, find his own truth. With top-notch acting and amazing storylines, Goliath is a great time for anyone looking for courtroom drama.

The Expanse

The expanse is a fantastic sci/fi action show with a multicultural cast. After mankind has left Earth and established colonies on Mars, many things have changed. Relationships between Mars, Earth, and The Belt are tense after years of in-fighting and bickering. With lives on the line and a galaxy on the brink of war, a young girl turns up dead, which kicks off an investigation that could lead to destruction. Don’t let this be one of the Amazon Prime Originals that slip by on your radar. It will take a couple of episodes, but the world is expansive and the characters are so unique. If you are a fan of Star Trek this may be the next best thing for you!

Comrade Detective

Why should you watch a police show about Romanian police and Romanian crime? Because it has Channing Tatum of course! Taking place during the Cold War, this absurd comedy is rife with incredible jokes and gags, from the voice acting to the scripts. It’s so bizarre you can’t help but laugh. It often has hilarious things to say about Communism and Capitalism. If you are looking for an Amazon Prime Original that is out of the ordinary this is for you. Fans of Portlandia should enjoy this show!

Looking for more things to watch? Try a broadway musical online or stay tuned to Dock Line Magazine for more information on entertainment.

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