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Why You Should Hire an Accountant to Do Your Taxes

Why You Should Hire an Accountant to Do Your Taxes

Taxes tend to make people nervous, but they don’t have to! If you usually do your own taxes and haven’t made any big changes recently then you probably don’t need an accountant. However, if you have made some life changes, are self-employed, own a business, or want to save money on deductions, hiring an accountant may be right for you. Here are a couple of reasons why you should hire an accountant. 

They can prevent you from audits

If you make over $200,000 a year it’s probably best to hire an accountant to do your taxes. Most likely you have multiple assets and investments for retirement to manage. On top of that, you will probably have a specific deduction that only applies to you. Hiring an accountant can help you sort how to manage your money and file correctly. If you don’t file correctly you could face a financial audit. An audit will investigate to see if you have committed a crime or made a mistake. It’s a time-consuming process that can hold serious consequences. Instead, use an accountant like a CPA to help file your tax returns. That way you know you can make sure everything is correct. Only use a company that is highly rated and adheres to the highest ethical standards.  

One word of caution when paying someone to do your taxes. Whenever you sign your name on the form you are legally liable for that tax return. Make sure to check every part of your taxes, and ask your accountant questions. Also, if you make more money, say in the millions of dollars range, it can be best to hire an accountant firm. Firms with CPAs can represent you in front of the IRS.

Help you save money

An accountant is the best shot you have at maximizing your deductions. They can help you parse through your assets and spending. You don’t want to miss a deduction or claim that will result in you paying more money. Hiring a pro for your taxes can be easier and simpler for you than trying to figure it out yourself. It can save you money and let you focus on other things. 

However, you need to factor in the cost of hiring an accountant. Services range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So choose carefully.

You own a business

If you own a business or make money from a side hustle you are going to want to hire an accountant. Small business owners often wear multiple hats and feel that they need to also figure out their taxes. This can be a mistake. Oftentimes, business owners are not equipped with the tax knowledge to itemize deductions and pay less in texas. It can also be time-consuming, taking you away from more important parts of your business. You’ll also have protection should something go wrong with your return, and the accounting firm can represent you, although that is rare, even for small businesses.

This also goes for those who are freelancers or self-employed. Writing off the new computer you just bought for work can be tricky to remember. There are multiple ways to write off portions of your bills for your tax return and it is best to hire a professional accountant to do this. That way you don’t have an audit or file incorrectly. 

Major life event

If you have a major life event such as marriage, kids, divorce, or death of a spouse it is in your best interest to hire an accountant. Since your financials will be changing significantly whether because of increased income or loss of income, an accountant can help you sort out the best way to file. They will also help you prepare the necessary paperwork to send to the IRS. 

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