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The Best Sports to Play at Home

The Best Sports to Play at Home

The best sports to play at home is a hotly contested list. However, we have done the scientific research necessary (based mostly on anecdotal experiences) and have concluded a list that is guaranteed to maximize fun. All games listed are easy and accessible to most people. Let the competition begin.  

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A favorite of almost every kid in recess, if you have a wall and a rubber ball you can play. Wallball is one of the best sports to play at home because it gets you active and moving. Each player takes turns throwing the ball at the wall, except if you drop the ball you then must touch the wall before another player can pick it up and throw it at the wall. If a player reaches the wall before the ball is thrown at the wall then they are safe and can remain in the game. If they don’t, they are out. Just make sure to play outside. It can get rowdy fast. It’s an easy pickup game that will leave you sweating.

Cornhole & Horseshoes

Cornhole and horseshoes essentially function the same. The objective is to throw an item close to a hole or peg in the ground. Points are determined based on how close you get to the hole or metal peg. You can pick up some Cornhole Boards and get started in minutes. You’ll need at least two players, although most play with four. Getting started playing Horseshoes is even cheaper, and you’ll only need two players as well. Games usually last around 10 to 20 minutes and even the youngest players can understand the mechanics. It’s even more fun for adults if you apply some liquid courage to help your aim.


A classic of any bar, darts is one of the best sports to play at home. It is best played with adults or older children due to the sharpened points of the darts. However, it can take hours of playing time to consistently hit the dartboard, let alone be accurate. Hang a dartboard up in your garage and try your hardest to hit the target. For more fun, add photos of famous villains of TV shows on the dartboard with bonus points attached to them. If you want to really have fun, try to have the dartboard moving while you play. Be careful though, and take precaution to instal safety measures.

Mini-Pool Table

Do you like to play pool, but don’t want to shell out the money for a big pool table for your home? Neither do I. Instead get yourself a Mini-Pool Table. You can set it up just about anywhere and it’s a great practice tool to teach young ones about playing pool. In addition, you can play inside or outside without breaking the bank. You can also use the board for other items to play other games like marbles. Mini-Pool is one of the best sports to play at home because it’s affordable and can be taken anywhere.


Wii Sports is one of the best video games ever made. Although it’s a tech demo that shipped with the original Wii, families have come to love it for the bowling, tennis, baseball, golf and boxing. If you’re stuck at home with your kids, this can keep them entertained for hours. You can find resellers online at eBay and Amazon. You can also pick up the game Wii Sports Resort which includes games like archery, basketball, and sword fighting. The best sports to play at home don’t always have to be offline.
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