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9 Summer Drinking Games to Take Your Party to the Next Level

9 Summer Drinking Games to Take Your Party to the Next Level

9 Summer Drinking Games to Take Your Party to the Next Level

Summer is upon us, and after this past year, we plan on making up for all the partying we missed out on last year! Planning the best summer drinking games can help take your party to that monumental level in which you make memories that last at least until the night ends. All jokes aside, we’ve got a great selection of summer drinking games with some old classics and twists upon some favorites. Here are 9 summer drinking games that can help your party go off without a hitch!

  1. Pool Beer Pong
  2. Stack Cup
  3. High Noon with Water balloons
  4. Obstacle Course Flip Cup
  5. Dizzy Bat
  6. Drunk Kanjam
  7. Olympics Drinking Game
  8. Steal the Bacon
  9. Drunk Dodgeball

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Pool Beer Pong

Beer pong is a classic drinking game for frat houses and cookouts alike. It combines competitiveness, athleticism, and most importantly, beer. If you’re looking to take your beer pong game to the next level then you need to try playing in the water! You can find inflatable beer pong tables that are relatively inexpensive. Not to mention, you get to relax in the pool as you sink your ping pong ball right in the last cup.

Stack Cup

Stack cup can be played indoors or outdoors. It works best with a large group of people, around 8 or more (you can play it with less, but someone is going to get drunk way too fast). The goal of the game is simple. You put ten or more cups in the center, filling each one around an inch or two with beer. The cup in the center is filled to the top with beer, this is the last cup of the game that will be drunk. To start the game you will need to take two empty cups and give them to players on opposite ends. You will give them both a ping pong ball. When the game starts, they will try to bounce the ball into the cup. If they land it in the cup on their first try they can move the cup directly to the left of their opposing player allowing someone else to stack the cup on the original opponent. 

If they do not make it on their first attempt, they pass their cup to the next player on their right. Once someone is able to “stack” their cup on top of another player’s cup they win. The loser who has been stacked must drink. This is a fast, fun, and addictive summer drinking game that can be played by just about anyone and can be competitive enough for something like a family reunion

High Noon with Water Balloons

High noon is simple. Two players have their back to each other. They walk five paces, turn around and shotgun a beer. Then the players try to throw their empty cans at one another. For our summer drinking games list, we’ve put a little twist on that. Instead of throwing the can at each other, throw water balloons at each other! Have a tub ready to go beside each player. Once they are done shotgunning their beer, they can light the other person up with some water balloons. This is perfect for a sweltering summer day and can be played in the backyard! To make things simple invest in water balloons that can be made in seconds.

Obstacle Course Flip Cup

Flip cup is also simple. You drink the beer in a cup and then try to flip the cup on its top. To make the game even better though, try including some obstacle course challenges such as hacky sack or cornhole to the mix. This can give you more opportunities to drink and make the game more interesting. You’ll have to rely on your entire team to master this summer drinking game!

Dizzy bat

For Dizzy bat you’ll need a couple of bats and some beer. There are numerous ways to play this, but in our version, you’ll spin around the bat 4 times. Afterward, you’ll run to a table and chug a beer. The first team that finishes all their beers wins. The trick is to be able to down a beer after just making yourself dizzy! Just make sure those beers are cold with the best cooler!

Drunk Kanjam 

This is Kanjam:

All you need next is some alcohol and boom you’re ready to go! You can make your opponents drink every time you score, or losers of the game have to shotgun a beer. This has the same feel as playing horseshoes, cornhole, or washers, but adds a new twist on the formula. It’s a more laid-back summer drinking game that can get intense when the points start to rack up!

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Olympics Drinking Game

Similar to the obstacle course, planning an Olympics-style drinking game is all about the marathon! If you’re looking to have a lot of friends over for the summer and want to get crazy with it, an Olympics drinking game is perfect! You can break this idea down into a number of small events. For example, if we were to plan this we would do 10 events. It would go like this:

  1. Cornhole, make 2 bean bags into the hole, take a drink, then move on to the next event
  2. Flip cup
  3. Beer pong where you must land a ball in 3 cups and then drink.
  4. Shotgun a beer
  5. Dizzy bat then slide down a huge tarp
  6. Hackysack race and drink after you finish the race
  7. Egg toss to a certain distance, if the egg breaks you have to shotgun a beer
  8. Three-legged race
  9. Kick a ball into a net and then drink
  10. Cannonball into the pool!

The best part about this is you can truly make it your own. You can make this a relay race, or add in some gross or challenging obstacles. This is what summer drinking games are all about! Plus it’s going to make choosing your team that much more important!

Steal the Bacon

Looking for summer drinking games that are a bit more physical? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Steal the bacon can be played in several ways. Most of the time, balls are placed in the center of a circle, and teams are spread around the circle. On the blow of the whistle, teams scramble to try and get as many balls to their team’s corner as possible. Instead of playing with rubber balls though, try playing with inner tubes. Inner tubes can be grabbed by multiple people and pulled. Basically, it turns into a hilarious game of tug of war. Once time is up, losers have to shotgun a beer. This game is not for the faint of heart, so be ready to get physical.

Drunk Dodgeball

Who doesn’t love a good game of dodgeball? Drunk dodge ball is exactly how it sounds: you play dodge ball and drink. Every time a player gets out, they have to drink. You can play as many rounds as you want and with however many people you want. Just make sure to stretch first.

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