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6 Home Security Tips Everyone Should Follow

6 Home Security Tips Everyone Should Follow

Want to protect your home from burglaries and theft? Then you need the right home security tips that just about everyone and anyone can follow. Whether you own a simple two-bedroom home or a mansion, all of these tips apply to your situation. Some of these tips require some investment and others require none at all. Here are six home security tips that can help protect your home from crime.

  1. Invest in a home security system
  2. Have good security lighting
  3. Invest in window film
  4. Choose metal fencing
  5. Let a neighbor know when you are gone
  6. Have a plan

Invest in a home security system

When it comes to home security tips, just about everyone will tell you to get a security system or camera. They can be effective at making criminals stop in their tracks as an alarm goes off or alert the authorities that a break-in has occurred. Some come with cameras that will allow you to view your home no matter how far away you are. Security systems can protect your home, however, they aren’t as preventative about some measures as others.

There are tons of home security systems that have cool features and additions. Make sure you do your research before you choose one!

Have good security lighting

Oftentimes bundled with a home security system, an infrared or motion sensor lighting system can help you ward off intruders. Essentially, when someone walks by these lights they will be actively alerting you or your neighbors to their presence. Why are these lights part of our home security tips list? They are cheap and effective. Also, they can be a great way to upgrade over time. You can install some lights, then some safer locks, then a security camera, and more!

Invest in window film

We’ve talked about items that can scare a criminal or alert people to their presence, but what about a home security tip that can make it almost impossible for someone to break in? We’re talking about security window film! Security window film can help turn your windows into a source of protection. When a criminal tries to perform a “smash and grab” burglary, they’ll not only be rebuffed but seriously outclassed. The film acts as a barrier for your glass keeping it intact. Even if the glass does break, they still won’t be able to get in as those shards of glass will be held together. Don’t believe us? Check this video out!

Choose metal fencing

A fence is a great idea for home security for your backyard or home, however, it’s probably not the fence you are thinking of. We aren’t going to recommend a privacy fence. Instead, we recommend that you buy an iron or metal fence that has open space between bars and points on the top. Why is this? For starters, a privacy fence is great for privacy, but not for security. Robbers can still view your home from the outside, and use the fence to their advantage. They can use it as a way to get into your home without being noticed. With an open design, there are no blind spots for a criminal to hide. The pointed ends also make it harder to climb than a privacy wood fence. Choose the right fence and you could even increase your home’s value.

Let a neighbor know when you are gone

Want some extra protection while you’re away? One of our best home security tips is to rely on your neighbors to help you out. Your neighbors can help spot someone who may be out of place should they try to enter your home. Try letting a neighbor know when you are leaving for a trip or some other event so they can keep an eye on your home. Even if you have a security camera, this can still be handy in protecting your home. It may sound simple, but it works.

Have a plan

If your house is ever robbed, you should be prepared. Talk with your family members and advise the plan for getting out of your home should someone try to break in. Also, make sure that your children know how to answer the door properly and prevent strangers from entering your home. You don’t want to be in a stressful situation and not have a plan ready to go. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.
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