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10 Fun Outdoor Games For Family Reunions You Can Play This Summer

10 Fun Outdoor Games For Family Reunions You Can Play This Summer

When it comes to fun outdoor games for family reunions, you want some games that will get you active and having a great time! You want to create thrilling moments and unforgettable family memories. We can help you achieve that perfect family reunion, or at least give you the chance to dominate your cousins. Just don’t forget to bring a speaker or two and crank up the music!

Here are 10 fun outdoor games for family reunions you can play this summer!

  1. Kickball
  2. Softball
  3. Horseshoes or cornhole
  4. Scavenger hunt
  5. Bubble soccer
  6. Burlap sack race
  7. Water balloon fight
  8. Tug of war
  9. Volleyball
  10. Dizzy bat race


Everyone has played kickball at some point in their life. Whether young or old, everyone can join in on this game because most people understand the rules. You just need an open field, placemats for bases, and a rubber ball. Split up into teams and start a new family tradition!


While baseball is still a good sport to play at a family reunion, some people may find it intimidating. Since you will most likely be playing with small children, underhand pitch softball can be a great alternative. Everyone has a fair shot to swing, but you’ll need to rely on great fielding to win the game! You’ll need bases, softballs (bring more than one as you may lose a ball), bats, and gloves.

Horseshoes or cornhole

Looking for fun outdoor games for family reunions that are more laid back? Try horseshoes or cornhole. Both games can be played with little or no experience (although you may not be good at it). You can buy horseshoe and cornhole kits online for cheap. If you have a large family, consider creating a tournament-like bracket to find out who the best team is. Split the cost of multiple pieces of equipment among family members.

Scavenger hunt

Do you like solving puzzles? Are you interested in stumping your siblings with your cleverness? Want a fun outdoor game for family reunions that will get your brain active? Scavenger hunts are a timeless classic. Why? They force us to communicate with each other and create memories around solving problems. In turn, this helps us remember more of those moments. 

Bubble soccer

Ever think to yourself, “Gee I’d love to run over my brother without entirely killing him.” Now you can! Bubble soccer is a great way to get active and physical. Kids and adults can play and be protected from harm as they bounce off one another. “Bubbles“ can be expensive so consider splitting the costs with family members.

Burlap sack race

While a normal race can be cool, we aren’t just looking for cool. We want extraordinary! This outdoor activity combines the silly and the athletic in a race that is sure to slow everyone down. Burlap sacks are relatively cheap, and you can laugh at your cousins as they fall to the ground.

Water balloon fight

Who didn’t love a good water-balloon fight growing up? If you are looking for fun outdoor games for family reunions that will help you cool off, then look no further and stick with a classic! A water balloon fight seems to bring out the kid in everyone. The only problem? Filling up all those balloons with water can be a chore! However, that’s no longer a problem thanks to some clever new inventions since you were a kid!

Tug of war

Alrighty, kids, it’s time to move out of the way and let the grownups play. Tug of war is a classic for any family reunion. Who doesn’t want to pit family member against family member to see who is the strongest? Just us? Welp, tug of war is extremely cheap and can be a great game to capture some intense photos! 


Much like kickball, almost everyone knows how to play volleyball. In truth, volleyball can be the perfect sport for teamwork, athleticism, and memory building. An average team is large enough to encourage coordination and working together. However, it will give some family members moments to shine either on a great serve or diving save. Meaning you get to capture some great photos!

Dizzy bat race

Another spin on racing, the dizzy bat race will create some hilarious moments. You’ll spin several times around a bat, run around a cone, and then come back to your team for the next player to go. It’s simple, yet challenging. This is one fun outdoor game for family reunions that is sure to provide you with a lot of laughs.
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