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9 Fun Ideas of How to Celebrate the Fourth of July

9 Fun Ideas of How to Celebrate the Fourth of July

On Sunday, July 4th, 2021, America will celebrate its 246th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This federal holiday is also known as America’s Independence Day because it is when the founding fathers declared their independence from England. Before we learn how to celebrate the Fourth of July, we should understand the significance of this American history:

Why we celebrate the Fourth of July

Founding Father John Adams believed that America’s independence should be celebrated yearly with gatherings, bonfires, and other festivities. Even before the Revolutionary War ended in 1783, American settlers would celebrate July 4th by firing cannons and hosting parades. Since then, Americans have taken advantage of the day to honor America’s history and develop their own traditions rooted in the earliest Independence Day celebrations. 

Fourth of July today

Over time, people have gotten more creative in finding ways to celebrate Independence Day. Including in 2020 when COVID-19 put limitations on gatherings to keep the most people safe as possible. Whether you decide to celebrate in your backyard or with friends and family, take advantage of a fun weekend by showing your patriotic spirit! Here are just 9 fun ideas of how to celebrate the Fourth of July this year:

  • Learn about American history
  • Dress to impress
  • Decorate the house
  • Spend a day at the park
  • Have a trip to the beach
  • Get together with family
  • Make patriotic dishes
  • Throw an outdoor movie night
  • Go to a fireworks show

Learn about American history

Since the Fourth of July is about America’s beginnings, it’s good to know about the holiday and America’s early history. Not only is there rich history to the founding of the country but all of its mainstay traditions. The holiday centers around our pride as Americans and the liberty our country gained by the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Just how much do you know about the Declaration of Independence? Here’s a video from TED-Ed for adults and kids to learn more about the Declaration of Independence:

Dress to impress

Wearing red, white, and blue is a great way to show off how patriotic you are for the Fourth of July. Most likely you already have everything you need to sport the colors of the iconic American flag. Or you own a t-shirt or bandana with the stars and stripes on it. If you’re planning to spend most of the day outside, make sure you dress for the weather. Summer weather calls for shorts and breathable tops, so be smart and fashionable with your Fourth of July outfits. 

Decorate the house

After you’ve dawned your best Fourth of July apparel, it’s time to match the patriotic mood in your home. If you haven’t already, the Fourth of July is a great time to put an American flag or a few on your front porch or yard. But there are more ways to decorate than with just the flag. You could buy some red, white, and blue party supplies like balloons, streamers, and tableware even if you aren’t throwing a Fourth of July party. It brings your celebration to the next level and could be a new family tradition. 

Spend a day at the park

A classic way of how to celebrate the Fourth of July is by spending time at public parks. Perhaps your local park will throw a special event for the holiday as well! Plus a park may be the perfect place to watch fireworks rather than in your neighborhood. If the weather permits, parks are great for throwing picnics with a tasty meal and outdoor activities. Bring some snacks, plenty of water, and games and you’re set!

Have a trip to the beach 

If the park isn’t the place to be, then we say go to the beach! There’s no summer holiday better than the Fourth of July to take a trip to the ocean. Adults love to get some relaxing time in the sun and kids love to have fun in the sand and the water. Show off to other beachgoers how patriotic you are with some American flag beach gear and swimsuits. Make sure to pack a cooler with some frozen summer desserts and sparklers for nighttime. 

Get together with family

The Fourth of July is a great time to get the family together for quality time. We say anything on this list would make for a perfect family activity. Something else to try with family is having a backyard potluck. That way everyone pitches in with the grilling and preparing food. Utilize the whole family getting together by playing some outdoor games and team sports to make lasting memories.

Make patriotic dishes

When you think of traditional American food, you think of burgers, hot dogs, and homemade apple pie. But don’t just keep that food to yourself, invite some friends and family to a classic Fourth of July cookout. If you’re wondering how to celebrate the Fourth of July besides making cookout favorites, check out this list of easy, patriotic desserts to make. Summer snacks like watermelon and fresh fruit are great to include for kids but also make sure the adults eat too unhealthy.

Throw an outdoor movie night

An alternative to going out for the Fourth of July is hosting a movie night from the comfort of your backyard. Make you and your family (and any other guests) comfy with some blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs outside. Next is to set up a solid surface to watch the movie (a bedsheet will do in a pinch!) and getting a projector hooked to a personal device. To top it off, watch a patriotic movie or an American classic. Some of our favorites are Independence Day, The Sandlot, The Patriot, Rocky, and Forrest Gump.

Go to a fireworks show

The most well-known way of how to celebrate the Fourth of July has to be watching fireworks. Did you know that fireworks have been used to celebrate America’s independence since 1777? That’s because they’re a great way to boost morale and put on a spectacular show. Check out some fireworks shows and other Independence Day celebrations around Houston here! But now that fireworks are more available to the public you can put on a show of your own. Just be careful to handle fireworks safely, looking out for others, and having adult supervision. But don’t fret because sparklers are safe ways to let kids enjoy having fireworks and make for precious photos. 

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