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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Summer Birthday for Adults

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Summer Birthday for Adults

Don’t let planning for your birthday be a burden this year. After all, it’s summertime! Summer should be all about leisure, lively affairs, or whatever your idea of fun is. And that’s just what your summer birthday should be about too. Make this milestone all about yourself and enjoying the season and all its goodness. 

As you have more birthdays, you might start to think that all the ways you could celebrate have already been done before. But the truth is that there’s no right way to commemorate your special day, and you don’t even have to throw a traditional birthday party. Even though parties are entertaining, we understand that adults deserve their own ideas of fun. These ideas are perfect for getting away from the responsibilities of daily life and treating yourself with the people that mean the most to you. Here are seven fun ways to celebrate a summer birthday as an adult:

  • Watch a summer blockbuster
  • Throw a pool party
  • Host an elegant brunch
  • Make summer drinks
  • Throw a self-care day
  • Take a day trip
  • Have a date with your significant other

Watch a summer blockbuster

The first way to celebrate your summer birthday is to watch a new movie with a group of people. Movie theaters are starting to open, so this classic pastime is finally a reality again. Drive-in movie theaters are another option for groups of people to be together while experiencing an alternative to movie theaters. And now that more movies are releasing on streaming platforms, you can watch the latest releases from the comfort of your home or backyard. Whatever movie experience you prefer, make sure to pop some popcorn, get cozy and comfortable, and don’t be distracted by your cell phone. Check out the most popular movie releases for the summer of 2021 here

Throw a pool party

Chances are if you have a summer birthday, you had plenty of pool parties as a kid. But a pool party for kids doesn’t have to look like a kid’s birthday party with pool games and Slip ‘N Slides (unless you want it to). Have some summer treats for guests to cool off like popsicles, ice cream sundaes, or rent a margarita machine. Tired of the same pool parties being thrown over and over again? Then spice things up by adding a theme! Be free, be creative, have fun! Using all your imagination will help you to throw an unforgettable pool theme party for your birthday. With the help of customized inflatable manufacturers, you can realize your dreams and create unique inflatable pool mattresses that will help you fill the pool with themed floaties. In addition to floats, you can add pool accessories like balls, coolers, drink holders, etc. Besides the swimming pool, it is important to decorate the surroundings as well. Decorate the space like a luau with pineapples and tropical flowers. Or make your pool party a barbeque as well by grilling burgers and hotdogs and then playing drinking games afterward. Remember after all of your hard work to relax and socialize by the pool with your party guests. 

Host an elegant brunch

If a pool party is too casual, or you’re in the mood to make your birthday a fancy occasion, host a brunch instead! Weekend brunches have become a popular way for friends to enjoy each other’s company over a social pastime. Typically, brunch consists of a combo of savory and sweet foods you could either eat for breakfast or lunch. Some favorites to include on your brunch menu are omelets, avocado toast, breakfast bowls, and delicious waffles. You can choose to prepare food yourself with these brunch recipes, have your meal catered, or ask guests to bring dishes potluck-style. To bring your birthday brunch to the next level, decorate and set the mood for your guests to feel distinguished. Even small touches like fine tablecloths and silverware and playing background music can make a noticeable difference. 

Make summer drinks

Get together with friends to make fun summer drinks. And we aren’t talking about some juice or soda to beat the summer heat (even though those are great alternatives for non-drinkers). The best summer drinks are refreshing, flavorful, and are able to cool you off even after a long summer day. Some classic summer cocktails include mojito, pina colada, or sangria pitchers for the whole group. Another option is to make a very versatile and popular frozen cocktail: margaritas! Make use of seasonal summer flavors like berries, melons (like watermelon), and other tropical fruits. Drinks are great to wind down any time of year, but especially while celebrating a summer birthday. 

Throw a self-care day

Quick reminder: your birthday should be all about taking care of yourself! So set everything and everyone aside (or let a few close friends join in) and replenish yourself! There are a few different ways to approach throwing a self-care day. First is physically taking care of yourself like sleeping in, going out for a facial and manicure, and drawing a hot bath at the end of the day. Second is mentally taking a break from stressful situations and doing something that makes you smile like rewatching your favorite show. Lastly is reconnecting with friends, family, or even the outdoors. Whatever activity recharges you to face the world is how you can celebrate being a year older. 

Take a day trip

For people who like to celebrate their summer birthday as long as possible, taking a day trip is the perfect option. Probably the clearest way to take a birthday trip for the summer is a trip to the beach. Consider visiting some of the best beaches in Texas put together by Lone Star Travel Guide. But a day trip doesn’t have to be complicated or far away for everyone to have a good time. It can be as simple as touring local malls and boutiques to treat yourself to a birthday present. Or you can try to visit as many businesses that offer birthday discounts/free items in Houston and make a game out of it with friends. 

Have a date with your significant other

Who said your birthday just has to be celebrated with friends? Getting people all together for an event can be more challenging than ever, so leave it to just you and your partner! You can enjoy your favorite experiences together like watching a favorite movie or getting active outdoors. Or you can take a traditional, romantic approach. Have a romantic dinner at home or plan a trip to a favorite restaurant, and it’s okay if it’s not a five-star establishment.  As long as the time spent together is special enough for a birthday celebration, you can’t go wrong with quality time with your favorite person. 

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