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Catch A Fish, Surf A Wave, Jump Off A Cliff

Catch A Fish, Surf A Wave, Jump Off A Cliff

During these uncertain times trying to find things to do that keep us calm and peaceful is essential for life.  For me that is being thankful I can enjoy nature that God has created everywhere for us to enjoy.

I really enjoy surfing.  It brings me peace along with excitement when I can catch a wave and get barreled.  If you are surfing in Galveston or Matagorda you really have to watch the weather to see when the waves will be good.  It’s not like being in a place like Hawaii where the waves are always a lot bigger than they are here.  One day I decided to go to Matagorda to surf.  The weather forecast showed the surf would be good and I just wanted to catch a few good waves and enjoy the day.  There was a little boy and his dad that was parked next to me.  They came by and talked to me and the little boy followed me around with his boogie board taking to me about surfing.  It was pretty cool.  It reminded me of the day my dad took me out to surf in California.  They also sat on the back of their truck watching me surf.  I caught some good waves and had a great day.

One morning I went to Galveston to meet my friend Austin.  He wanted to go shark fishing with me.  I am the only one that can swim like a fish and I guess is crazy enough to swim out to the third sandbar.  It’s really a long way to swim that far, so I swim out by myself and cast the line and then swim back in.  I put the line in the holder on the beach then wait for fish to take my bait.  When the line starts moving, I set the hook.  Austin has never caught a shark before so I let him reel it in.  That day we only caught 2 sharks and they were small.   It was an exciting day for Austin with a fighting shark on the line.  We both had a great time.  Don’t let that cute little shark smiling face fool you.  You have to be careful how you hold them because the little ones are very flexible and they will spin their head around and bite you.  Parker and I made a trip up to Stillhouse Hollow Lake.  It is in Belton, Texas.  We fished and it was a beautiful sunny day.  Parker caught the only fish.  It was about 5 pounds.   He caught it punching grass with a big jig.  When we were done fishing, we decided to jump off a 40-foot cliff.  Great ending to an incredible day!  THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN!  SURF ON!  ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS!  LIVE LIFE!

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