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Progressive Dinner Through Conroe

Progressive Dinner Through Conroe

With the world turned upside down, finding entertainment can be a bit tricky. With restaurants reopening, eating out is the saving grace for families tired of cooking. If you can’t handle another spaghetti night at home, it may be time to eat out for dinner. But now the question is where? It can be so hard to choose. You like the appetizers here and the desserts there…why not have a progressive dinner?

What is a progressive dinner?

According to Wikipedia: A progressive dinner is a dinner party with successive courses prepared and eaten at the residences of different hosts. Usually this involves the consumption of one course at each location. Involving travel, it is a variant on a potluck dinner and is sometimes known as a round-robin. An alternative is to have each course at a different dining area within a single large establishment. Participants go to each house for the various courses. Often there is a regional theme for each dinner, such as Italian, German, or French. Various wines to suit the courses are often served at each location. A challenge is keeping the food warm and ready at each location. An alternative is to have the courses at different restaurants.

Progressive Dinner Ideas

In Conroe, you can take your pick of restaurant types and experiences. When thinking about a progressive dinner, you may want to plan your meal by building it course by course. Another fun idea would be to try the same type of thing at different restaurants, like your very own cook-off. Also, you can just go to your favorite restaurants for your must-have dishes. It will feel like your birthday. 

Here are a few ideas for a progressive dinner in Conroe:

First course: Appetizers

Appetizers may be your favorite part of the meal. Your go-to appetizer may be something deep fried or something you dip. No matter what you prefer, appetizers are a must for your progressive dinner.

Appetizer ideas:

  • White Queso from Margarita & Peppers Mexican Grill. Located at 2259 N Loop 336 W, this local favorite offers a family-friendly atmosphere as well as a full bar with all your Mexican food favorites. They also have yellow queso, but why?
  • Giant Pretzel from Woodson’s Local Tap + Kitchen. Located at 2330 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Woodson’s features a menu that blends southern barbecue themes with unique inspiration. The giant pretzel comes with a side of queso for dipping, They also have a “Pizza” Pretzel, so try both!
  • Build-your-own Sampler Platter from Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish. Located at 5901 W Davis St, Vernon’s has been a Conroe staple since its opening in 1984. It’s known for its catfish, of course, but next time you go, build your own appetizer sampler platter and try the fried pickles, fried green tomatoes and katfish bites.

Second Course: Entrées

Depending on what you have a hankering for, Conroe has so many restaurants that have amazing entrees. Everything is bigger in Texas, so you may want to share with the table so you can keep the progressive dinner going.

Entrée ideas:

  • Chicken fried steak from Pacific Yard House. Located at 101 Metcalf St, this downtown joint has a great menu and live music most nights. This dinner comes with Texas toast and two sides. Try the loaded baked potato salad..you won;t be sorry.
  • Dragon & Phoenix from Wasabi Bistro. Located at 449 S Loop 336w Suite 1500, this Asian fusion restaurant has excellent Chinese and Japanese dishes and beautiful sushi. The Dragon & Phoenix dinner is walnut shrimp and general Tso’s chicken, which is great if you need to try a few favorites in one meal.
  • Ring of Fire pizza from The Red Brick Tavern. Located at 119 Simonton St, this restaurant and music venue has a brick oven for some of the best pizza in town. The Ring of Fire has the rustic sauce, mozzarella cheese, Andouille sausage, serrano peppers, cilantro and grape tomatoes. Great for sharing…or not sharing!

Third Course: Dessert

Sweet Tooths of the world unite! When it comes to dessert, we all have our favorites. Pie and ice cream, cobbler, or cake…let’s have it all! Your progressive dinner will not be complete without the perfect dessert.

Dessert ideas:

  • Wedding Bells cupcake from BabyCakes Bakery. Located at 12621 HWY 105 W Suite 107, BabyCakes offers gourmet stuffed cupcakes at its main location and at both Pizza Shack restaurants. You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy the Wedding Bells cupcake, an almond cupcake stuffed with Bavarian cream and strawberries & topped with whipped champagne frosting!
  • Italian Cream Cake from Joe’s Italian Restaurant. Located at 1604 N Frazier St, this New York style Italian restaurant is the prize of Conroe. The family owned establishment has many classic dishes as well as some unique offerings, Their desserts include NY cheesecake, cannoli, tiramisu and more, including the popular Italian cream cake.
  • Pineapple Pie from Kitchen Tales. Located at 14543 Hwy105 W Suite 101, Kitchen Tales has a vast menu with American classics and weekend brunch. The pineapple pie is served with caramel and whipped cream.

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