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Self-care for Busy Moms

Self-care for Busy Moms

We all have that one friend who posts selfies on Instagram daily about her latest adventure hiking a mountain or trying out goat yoga (#self-care #iwokeuplikethis). You think to yourself that you’d sure like to be doing that instead of the adventure that is tackling Mount Laundry and trying out that mug of re-heated coffee…again. We as moms all know how important taking care of ourselves is, but knowing about self-care and practicing it are very different things.

Between drop-off, and work, and pick-up, and gymnastics or little league, and dinner, and bedtime, and sleep (do you sleep?), when are we supposed to find the time or energy to exercise…or stretch…or meditate…or do anything for ourselves? The reality is that what we used to do for self-care has to adjust. The stolen little moments can all add up to better (self)cared for mommy.

Here are a few simple and quick self-care practices that don’t take much time, but can make a huge difference.


Wait?! My phone is my magic mirror to the outside world. I must have it! But let’s face it, we are way too attached to our devices. Don’t miss out on life! Find out why it’s important to unplug, and the benefits it can have in your life. So much of our day is consumed with comparing our everyday lives with “their” filtered life highlights. We end up scrolling past our own moments.

Get a manicure or pedicure

Self-care and cute toes! There is no denying that a little pampering will make you feel good. If your little one is not too little, a lot of nail salons have pedicure stations for girls. Teach your daughter about how to treat herself!

Grab a healthy snack

Eating healthy has its benefits, but don’t feel bad for that fast food meal from last night or pizza delivery from when you were exhausted. Start fresh and reap the benefits today by choosing something healthy. Nutritious snacks like almonds or dark chocolate can help with weight and improve your overall health.

Read a chapter (or two)

If you love to read, it can be hard to put down a good book. But staying up all night because ‘one more chapter’ turned into finishing the book makes for a super sleepy mama in the morning. Set a timer or put your book mark in the place where you plan to stop. 

Call a friend 

Self-care is about connecting with yourself. For a people-person, that can mean connecting with others, too! Put your phone on speaker while you’re folding laundry and catch up with a friend.

Write in a journal

Journaling helps let out your emotions, and requires you to set time aside to think and dream. You can write down all of those amazing or hilarious things your little ones say that you never want to forget (and you will.) Grab a journal like this one and get writing.

Watch a sunrise

If you are not a morning person, but your child is, you may dread those early mornings. But you can embrace them with a hot mug full of tea or coffee and an east-facing window. Plan your day, take deep breaths, meditate or just drink in the warmth.

Get rid of clothes that are old or don’t fit

A study in Fashion Theory Journal found that 85% of women keep clothes that don’t fit. Declutter your closet and get rid of old items that you haven’t worn in years. Channel Marie Kondo and say “thank you, next” to those jeans that no longer bring you joy. You’ll take a load off your shoulders and make room in the closet for new exciting pieces!

Hire a sitter and do whatever you want

Go to the grocery store by yourself. Get a massage. Go to the movies (not a cartoon) and get a large popcorn (that you don’t have to share). Whatever “me-time” that speaks to you.

Take a long shower or bath

Put the kids to bed and take a minute (or twenty) to relax, reflect and exfoliate! Wash away your cares (at least for those twenty minutes) and enjoy the solitude.

Celebrate being a parent

Kiss your babies, build a blanket fort, dance with them in the kitchen. This is the most important job you will ever have and you are great at it! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Do little things every day that take care of you and you will be a better caregiver to your little ones. You can be a super mom!

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