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A Better Vision for the New Year

A Better Vision for the New Year

Cameron Optical is helping the Montgomery community have a brighter future in 2021!

While 2020 was anything but ordinary, one thing remained the same. The care and love for the Montgomery community is still at the heart of how Cameron Optical operates. “You’re not just a customer, you are part of our family,” says Dr. Cameron, “We want to make everyone feel welcome, no matter what’s going on in their life.” Even as the pandemic continues, Cameron Optical has doubled down on what they do best, providing a wide array of services and helping you make the best decisions for your health.

Not Your Ordinary Clinic

While adjustments have been made for Covid-19 such as separately scheduled times for patients, increased hand sanitizer stations, face masks for guests and staff, and routine sanitation and disinfection of equipment or high touch surfaces, you can still count on Cameron Optical to take care of all your eye needs. “We are a one-stop-shop for all things relating to eye care,” says Dr. Cameron “We are open to everyone. We can fill your prescriptions, do your exams, and handle an emergency eye issue.” You don’t need to worry about going to multiple places to get a prescription, then pick out glasses, only to have your medical insurance rejected.

With over a decade of experience and more than 700 Five Star Reviews on HealthGrades.com, Dr. Cameron and her team have built the #1 optometrist facility in Montgomery county. When you arrive at the facilities, you can not only expect attention to detail at every level of your visit but options for treatment that you can’t find anywhere else.

In fact, one of the main reasons Cameron Optical was founded was because Dr. Cameron wanted patients to have more options. “I never thought it was fair for a non-doctor party or corporation to dictate what services or products I can use to treat a patient,” says Dr. Cameron. “A customer needs all options available to them to make the best decision.” 

From that foundation, the team at Cameron Optical has built an eye clinic that can not only serve every need but give you the best options possible. As Dr. Cameron pointed out, “I don’t limit your treatment options to only a few. We have products and services available that you may never have discussed with your previous doctors.” If you want a clear view of your eye care, Cameron Optical exceeds the expectations as customer Randy J. explained on Jan. 5, 2021:

“My appointments to see Dr. Cameron are the only doctor appointments that I have ever actually looked forward to going to. Kaitlyn and the rest of Dr. Cameron’s team always make me feel like I’m just coming to spend time with family. From the second you walk thru the door everyone greets you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. They could not be more helpful and professional. Dr. Cameron takes her time with you to explain everything and to answer your questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Protecting your eyes during a pandemic

Because of the pandemic, people are experiencing more eye problems than ever before. As more and more people have been working from home, they have been staring at a computer or phone screen for hours on end. Many patients report their eyes feeling dry or “raw” after long hours of work. Patients sometimes report having trouble falling asleep or having a headache after staring at their screen for too long. This is often due to the blue light that is emitted from your electronic screen. Blue light is harmful to all parts of the eye. It causes complications with dry eye, cataracts, and macular degeneration, to name a few.

In short, patients went from staring at their electronics for an hour or two at a time to eight hours a day or more, exposing themselves to the harmful blue light that’s causing them such unwanted eye strain. Many people have tried buying cheap “blue light glasses” off Amazon, only to find that they don’t work properly, or worse, make the headaches more frequent.

However, what will help most people during this time is blue light glasses that are custom made for you. As Dr. Cameron points out, “our latest lens tech we are recommending to our digital use patients is the Eye Zen catalog of lenses. These lenses block the bad blue light that is the cause of many eye issues including eyestrain, sleeplessness, and headaches from smartphone and computer interactions. These lenses have an added prescription at the bottom of the lenses to help keep your eyes relaxed during long-term reading, computer, and smartphone use. These lenses are made specific to each user and are recommended for digital use patients of all ages.” 

These types of glasses are meant to prevent all types of blue light from damaging your eye. If you think this isn’t a big deal or that you can “power through it” just remember, you only get 2 eyes that are not replaceable. Instead of letting your eyes be damaged repeatedly every day, choose a set of lenses that can protect your eyes even when you have to sit in front of your computer all day.

Finding the Perfect Fit

However, choosing the right pair of lenses or contacts is only part of the journey. You then need to find your frame and pay for them. Cameron Optical makes finding lenses easy, housing a massive collection of frames with over 45 highly sought after brands such as:

  • Oakley
  • Nike
  • Ray-Ban
  • Tiffiny&Co.
  • Costa 
  • Coach
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • And More!

To get the most bang for your buck, Cameron Optical is currently running a special – a complete year’s supply of contacts (or) 2 pairs of glasses on sale for $199 (with qualifying prescriptions). Whether you need prescription glasses for your long days behind the computer, or contacts for when you are driving, the Cameron Optical staff is dedicated to working with you and your insurance to make sure you get the lens and brands you want. As Dr. Cameron likes to say, “We are friendly, quick, and accurate. Customers can expect the highest quality of lenses and the timeliness of our services…”
If you are interested in how Dr. Cameron and her crew can help you, you can contact them by phone call or text at 936-448-1200. You can also reach them online at https://www.cameronoptical.com/. Hours are Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm. Cameron Optical is located at 15260 HWY 105 W., STE 127, Montgomery, Texas 77356

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