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The Best Home Theater Furniture Options From All Price Ranges

The Best Home Theater Furniture Options From All Price Ranges

You’ve put in the work, spent your hard-earned money, and now you are ready to invite your family and friends over to enjoy your new home theater setup. There’s just one problem. You don’t have the right furniture for everyone to sit in! After all the money spent on a big tv or projector, speaker system, and lighting, you may be looking for the best home theater furniture for your budget—which means you need options. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered for any budget and we can help you find some unique choices to really make your home theater feel special. Here are some of the best home theater furniture options to choose from.

None of the links used here are affiliate links. We choose them due to ratings and price points.

Cheap options

If you’re looking for the best home theater furniture options for cheap then you’re going to have to get creative. A home theater setup is what you make of it whether you spent a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand. To start with the cheapest option consider asking family and friends for old furniture. If you don’t find what you’re looking for out of those options, then you can move online. Two of the most promising areas to search for furniture are Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Both of these platforms are synonymous with finding cheap used furniture. Oftentimes, people are willing to give you discounts just for showing up and picking the furniture up yourself.  People also don’t always know the value of their furniture and end up selling it for much less than the expected resale price. 

There are a couple of ways to gain the system. First, if you are willing to travel a little farther, Facebook Marketplace can give you way more options to choose from. Second, when searching on Craigslist, use the keyword “divorce” in their search engine. When going through a divorce, people are willing to sell their items for much less just to get them out of their house. You can take advantage of this to find the best home theater furniture at the price point you want. 

Moderate options

For your more moderately priced choices of furniture, you can often find great recliners for under $300. This recliner sold on Amazon is just over $100 at the time of writing this article. Now, if you plan on using this home theater for just you and your partner this can be okay. However, that doesn’t leave you with room to seat multiple guests, nor does it allow you to personalize your space. 

There are three main ways to optimize your furniture for space and crowd size. If you want the most bang for your buck you should consider couches, sectionals, and futons. The price ranges for these sets of furniture can be anywhere from $300 to $1000. There are even more expensive options to choose from but we’ll get to that in a moment. On the cheaper side, you can find brand new futons for around $300 on Amazon. You can even find some for cheaper


Futons are some of the best home theater furniture to choose from because they are so versatile. If you have young kids, this can be a game-changer when it comes to bedtime. During a sleepover, you don’t have to worry about finding extra beds for kids or laying down blankets. You can just lay down the other side of the futon and presto you have a bed! For small children, you can easily fit two kids to a futon, depending on their size. Futons bring a lot of versatility to your space and can make finding extra beds for guests easy.


Obviously, couches are going to maximize your space. Couches can run you from around $300 to much, much more. However, if your home theater space also happens to be your living room, nice couches can help you tie the space together. You can strike a balance between home theater and living space. Nice couches can also be a great way to visualize a space when selling your home. If homebuyers can easily visualize themselves in your house it can increase your home’s value.


Sectionals provide flexibility where couches don’t and can provide a bit more sitting space where futons can’t. Like any furniture, sectionals can range in pricing but start around the $500 mark. Sectionals also vary in materials and quality like everything else on this list. Your price point goes up, but you are also adding value to that price point. Sectionals are often so large that they become the centerpieces of a room. Not to mention, they are often large enough for multiple people to lay on. If you are looking for the best home theater furniture and want a mix of options, a sectional provides that.

Add a bit of personality to your room

If you want some out-of-the-box furniture consider adult-sized bean bags or some other fun furniture piece. Remember, this your space! Don’t let it be boring or stale.

Expensive options

Lastly, the best home theater furniture can be the most expensive part of your room. Expensive options cost into the several thousand dollar ranges. However, these options often come with special features like cupholders, special lighting, electric recliners, and more! We’d like to note though, before spending this amount of money make sure to test these products in person so you know you’re going to be happy. Look up reviews and don’t be satisfied with mediocre products. 
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