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Why You NEED to The Visit Kalahari Resort if You Live in Texas!

Why You NEED to The Visit Kalahari Resort if You Live in Texas!

Are you looking to have some fun this summer? Tired of hitting up Schlitterbahn for all of your water park needs? Done being bored and trying to stay busy while at home? Then we have the perfect solution for you: The Kalahari Resort. The Kalahari Resort is unlike anything else you’ll find in Texas. It serves as both a perfect water vacation to escape to and a relaxing environment to take in some good alcoholic beverages. Don’t believe us? We think we can convince you with six reasons you need to visit Kalahari Resort that nobody will want to pass up!    

1. America’s largest indoor waterpark

2. Zambezi out-door water park

3. Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park

4. Exceptional spa and shopping experiences

5. Exceptional dining

America’s largest indoor waterpark

According to their website, Kalahari Resort is America’s largest indoor water park. But what does that really mean? It means that you get to ride a ton of water rides from all types of heights and experience the most amount of waterpark fun in one area! You’ll be able to slide down slippery, death-defying slides that will push your body faster than it’s ever gone before! You’ll be able to ride group slides indoors! Guests can surf on bodyboards with the Flowrider or take a dip into the wave pool and relax. Make sure to check out the lazy river, as that’s some of the best tubing in Texas you can find! The truth is when it comes to indoor water parks not many people do it better than the Kalahari Resort.

Zambezi out-door water park

Think it might get crowded even in the world’s largest indoor water park? Think again! You should visit the Kalahari Resort because there isn’t just one water park, there’s two. The Zambezi outdoor water park has three pools, access to water slides, and even access to the Grotto Bar. No need to go far for food as it also contains outdoor food options as well. Eat too much and want to work off that extra hot dog you ate? No problem! Go shoot some hoops in the basketball pool or play a game of one-on-one. Looking to relax? Rent an outdoor bungalow to be close to the pool if you want to take a dip but have your own private area to come back to.

Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park

Water parks not really your thing? That’s okay because the Kalahari resort also offers Tom Foolery’s Adventure Park, which houses an expansive arcade, bowling alley, rides, and so much more! Get lost in The Cave of Mirrors, or take a spin in Flynn’s Power Fuge, or destroy your family at laser tag. The adventure park has a little something for everybody, and it’s sure to take any frown and turn it upside down. You should visit the Kalahari Resort because it isn’t just a one-trick pony. You have multiple options to choose from to have fun with your family. And there’s still more to come!

Exceptional spa and shopping experiences

The Kalahari Resort provides an exceptional spa service that can’t be matched anywhere else. According to their website, you can expect exceptional massage, hair, nail, and skin services. Additionally, the Kalahari Resort provides a wet therapy room, dry sauna, and chromotherapy steam room. You’ll also have access to the spa-specific outdoor pool, brow and lash bar, halotherapy salt room, and whirlpool. If you’re looking for a vacation that will help you unwind and relax, then look no farther than the Kalahari Resort. 

What pairs well with a spa day? Shopping of course! You should visit the Kalahari Resort because it also provides the opportunity to buy unique items from the African partners that the Kalahari Resort works with. You can truly bring home a gift that is one of a kind.

Exceptional dining

Looking for a romantic dinner for two? Yeah, the Kalahari Resort has that, too. From fine dining at a signature steakhouse to easy-to-eat pizza down by the pool, the Kalahari resort has so many food options that just about everybody will be satisfied. If you’re looking to plan your next water park vacation, don’t skip out on great food. Choose Kalahari resort for an award-winning dining experience.
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