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Winter Storm Stories – Team Thompson

Winter Storm Stories – Team Thompson


Mr.  Thompson, 

            My name is Bernadette and I am a new client to both you and State Farm as of January 2021.  I have been a home owner for 37 years and have used 3 different insurance companies for my home and auto insurance needs.  From my first contact with Miguel to my devastating experience of this past winter freeze, I cannot thank you enough for your friendly, professional, caring staff.   

   When my bathroom pipe burst on 2/16/21 all I could think of was “please God let my new company take care of me.” Of course, ALL of Texas and most of the Southern United States was closed that day yet Mayra from your office returned my first call within minutes of me leaving a voice mail.  Just hearing a REAL VOICE and not a recording on the other end of the phone reassured me that “God had this and I was going be okay.” 

At noon the next day, water started dripping from my ceiling again. NO ONE but Mayra was answering phone calls.  I literally talked to Mayra 3 different times that day, and although she was powerless over finding any plumber who answered their phone, she kept me from “going over the edge with worry.”
    On 2/21/21 with water still between my walls and ServePro not answering calls, I was introduced to Asha from your office who quickly became “my angel” and my sanity!  In the next 12 days, Asha RETURNED ALL MY CALLS, reached out to me NUMEROUS TIMES, and gave me the names of nine different companies to contact to try and get the water/dampness out of my home so that I would not have a mold issue.  Asha found a company who showed up at my door at 8pm at night and began fixing my home, giving me back my headache free life.   

       I CANNOT EXPRESS THE APPRECIATION I have for your staff, and the THANKFULNESS for Asha.  Since 3/4/21, she has been there for me EVERYTIME I’ve reached out and has NEVER LEFT ME WITHOUT AN ANSWER!  It has not been an easy process, and very confusing at times, however ASHA was ALWAYS just a phone call away to listen to my concerns and give/find me the answers.  I have no doubt I am making it through this experience as well as I am because of Asha and her caring professional approach to her job.  I am so grateful I was led to your office for my insurance needs before I faced this storm, and already have begun to share that news with anyone who will listen. 



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