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Reliable Roofing That’s Got You Covered!

Reliable Roofing That’s Got You Covered!

Montgomery County’s Most Reliable Roofing and Home Design Experts are Here to Help!

An illustrious producer once said, “The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.” Indeed, having a roof over your head as a shelter is one of the bare necessities of life, and making sure this shelter is reliable and intact frees your mind from this basic need to focus on other things that move your life forward.

If you own a home, you’re going to have to deal with your roof sooner or later – hopefully later than sooner. However, with the changeable weather, sudden storms, and all the force of nature the Texas climate is known for, you had better be prepared for possible roof damage within the lifetime of your roof. Hail, falling tree limbs, strong winds and rain, and even tornadoes can all wreak havoc on a roof and cause further damage to your home if not expeditiously addressed. 

But with hundreds of roofing companies in the greater Houston area, how do you choose one to work with and entrust such an essential (and costly!) part of your home and livelihood? Your home is an intensely personal place and valuable asset to your family, so it’s vital to only invite people who understand this concept to come work on your home with you. It’s not just about quality work and pricing, although those things are important; but it’s also about developing a relationship with those who you entrust with work on your home, ensuring that they are not just there to repair, but care for your home and your family. 

And no company understands and exemplifies this better than Montgomery County Roofing.

Experience and Expertise
Glen Martin is a 25-year resident of the Montgomery County area and an expert in all facets of home repair and renovation. 

After an upbringing surrounded by construction as a family trade, Glen followed his passion for construction and began Montgomery County Home Services & Design over 22 years ago. He has assembled a team of skilled craftsmen with expertise in remodels, carpentry, painting, electrical work, concrete, plumbing, and more, as a one-stop shop for any and all work that needs to be done for your home.

As he listened to his customers over the years, Glen found that more and more homeowners were specifically asking for experienced and reliable roofing people. As an answer to that need and to expand on their one-stop-shop offerings, he and co-owner Daniel Spears began Montgomery County Roofing. 

“There was a gap in the market, and we decided to fill it,” says Daniel. “You hear stories of homeowners being burnt by poor contractors, and maybe some other company or one of us has their own issues with the previous contractor, and you know you can do it differently – be better than that and reassure your homeowners that you’re not one of those that’s going to burn them and take advantage of them.”

Together, they provide nearly a combined two decades of roofing experience in the
Montgomery County area. 

Accountability and Reliability
The advantage of working with Montgomery County Roofing is that it is a smaller, local, family-owned company. This allows them to provide their professional experience and quality work at a competitive price. Not only that, but the owners take a hands-on, one-on-one approach to each project and homeowner. They are available to help oversee the projects and answer questions. 

Co-owners Glen and Daniel have been extremely selective in assembling their team of expert roofers, so they are confident each project is in excellent, skilled hands. The same consistent crews are present all across the board, so Glen and Daniel can be certain that their expectations of quality and excellence will be met each time. 

Glen, Daniel, and the team at Montgomery County Roofing strive to exceed the expectations of their customers with communication, quality, efficiency, and punctuality. Why punctuality? When it comes to roofs, timing is important. If there’s an issue with the roof it can create all kinds of other problems in your home, so doing quality work in a timely manner is critical. As Glen says, “If we get a call about a repair, we can be there in 48 hrs.; whereas another company might take a week. We know [the homeowner] is calling us for a reason. They have a problem. Being punctual and answering phone calls, and responding to them as quickly as possible is really key to our business.”

Developing Relationships, Transparency, and Trust
But apart from all of that, Montgomery County Roofing also understands that a truly great roofing company will also seek to develop a relationship with the homeowner. “Let’s say all roofers do the exact same quality and caliber of work, which is a giant assumption to begin with. So what’s left after that? For me, that’s relationships. We actually want to have a relationship with the homeowner and not just take dollars in exchange for a service,” explains Daniel. 

In fact, his time getting to know the homeowners has unexpectedly become one of his favorite parts of the job. “Being an introvert by nature I never really expected I would enjoy that part, but the more that I do this and the more that I get to know people, I’m always blown away by their stories and who they were before they retired, who they’re aspiring to be, or whatever the case is – I’m intrigued by that personal side of it.”

Building a relationship with the homeowner is important because it provides a basis for transparency and trust. “These aren’t small dollars we play with in the roofing world,” says Daniel, “so I want the clients/homeowners to understand that whatever we agree to is actually going to happen and that everything’s going to be taken care of to a certain standard.”

And not only that, but at Montgomery County Roofing they actually know roofing. At some larger companies, they employ a high number of salesmen that are basically just reading a script without the technical knowledge of how a roof actually goes on and comes off. But Glen, Daniel, and their team have the technical knowledge to back it all up. 

This technical knowledge, years of experience, and close relationship with the homeowner helps them to mediate between the insurance adjusters and homeowner to make sure the home gets looked at from an objective perspective, the homeowner can get the most from their claim, and that when the repairs are complete they are in the same position they were at before the roof was damaged.

Trust, but Verify!
But don’t just take our (or their) word for it! One of Daniel’s philosophies that he likes to express to homeowners is to trust, but verify. He wants the homeowner to be able to trust that he has their best interest in mind, and sometimes the only way to do that is to shop around so they can see for themselves. Accordingly, they actually encourage potential clients to shop around and get quotes from other companies. “We are confident in the skillset and our prices we offer that we can compete against other folks, and that we’re going to be the most transparent and forthcoming with information. Trust me, but verify me at the same time,” encourages Daniel.

If you need any roof work or repairs done, there’s clearly only one company you should trust: Montgomery County Roofing. And there’s no better time to act than now. If you mention this article, they are offering 10% off your repair work! So what are you waiting for? Give Glen, Daniel, and the team at Montgomery County Roofing a call today and get all your roofing needs covered!

Montgomery County Roofing serves the greater Montgomery County area Monday through Sunday at any time of the day, always ready to help. They can be reached at 936-444-6952.


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