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A Time to Give Thanks… for a Thanksgiving Pet

A Time to Give Thanks… for a Thanksgiving Pet

A Time to Give Thanks… for a Thanksgiving Pet

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings family and friends together to give thanks and enjoy the tradition of our ancestors. Not sure if any dogs and cats came over on the Mayflower, but assured they are abundant in most households. Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas placed many of these pets in their forever homes. We can be there for you!

Sometimes we have to ask, who is really getting rescued, the animals or us? Animals’ love is unconditional and they are so eager to constantly demonstrate how much they adore us. As with any love that we are fortunate enough to receive, we must not take it for granted.

ASVT has been dedicated to helping abandoned animals of our community for more than 10 years. Every year we make new goals, every year we help more animals in need and every year we save hundreds of lives. The animals need us and we need you to help us help them. 

Puppies and kittens arrive by the box fulls – innocent and hungry. Because they are small and cute, if they stay healthy, they usually have a good chance of being adopted quickly. Others unfortunately don’t survive and there are always one or two that are left behind and spend the first 3 or 4 months of their life in a cubicle at a shelter waiting for that special person.

Challenges All Rescues Face!

Regardless of the season all rescues have many challenges to confront and hopefully win the battle. These are just a few…

What is Parvo?

Parvo in puppies is caused by the canine parvovirus. This virus is highly contagious and spreads through direct contact with an infected dog or by indirect contact with a contaminated object. Indirect transmission occurs when a person who has recently been exposed to an infected dog touches your puppy, or when a puppy encounters a contaminated object, like a food or water bowl, collars and leashes, and the hands and clothing of people who handle infected dogs.

Puppies ages six weeks to six months are the most susceptible to Parvo. Puppies younger than six-weeks-old still retain some of their mother’s antibodies, assuming that the mom received her full series of Parvo vaccinations. Puppies are vaccinated against Parvo at approximately 6, 8, and 12 weeks of age. They are vulnerable to the disease until they have received all three shots in their vaccination series. 

Sparky is ASVT’s latest Parvo survivor. He was diagnosed at about 3 months of age on September 8. Sparky was admitted to ER clinic and spent two weeks in their care. We are fortunate to have a Parvo/Distemper foster, Betsy Flagstadt. He is fully recovered and ready for adoption. 

What is Distemper?

Canine distemper virus is a highly contagious, often fatal viral disease that affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), and nervous system of dogs in all life stages. It’s commonly spread between dogs, ferrets, and infected wildlife—foxes, wolves, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes.

Distemper is transmitted mainly by respiratory secretions (coughing and sneezing). A dog’s sneeze can spread respiratory particulates up to 25 feet, making the risk of exposure high. Distemper can also spread through food bowls and contaminated supplies and equipment. Age does not increase or decrease the risk of contracting distemper in dogs.

Proper vaccination for Distemper is crucial because it’s the only way to prevent this serious disease.

Tuffy is ASVT’s latest Distemper survivor. It was a long road to recovery, but with proper care, lots of water physical therapy and love, he made it. He has been adopted and is living the life he deserves.

Bottle Babies – Puppies and Kittens

There is a special ASVT foster family that helps care for the smallest and most fragile pets who come to ASVT. The pets are known as “bottle babies” because they are not able to nurse and rely entirely on being bottle-fed.

Newborn or young puppies/kittens can be fed milk replacer at room temperature. When feeding orphaned puppies/kittens, it’s best to use commercial animal baby bottles; you can use an eyedropper or syringe in an emergency, but it does not allow normal sucking as well as a nipple.

The Dumas family has taken in more than 90 bottle babies over the years. It’s a “family affair” while bottle babies are being cared for by the family. Obviously as a rescue of dogs/puppies and cats/kittens they are primary rescues. From time to time other animals need a bottle baby family to help. ASVT has no boundaries!

Thanksgiving For Your Pet

Many pet parents want to share their Thanksgiving with the family pet. The best way to ensure that your pet will stay safe while enjoying Thanksgiving festivities is to make them their own Thanksgiving treats.

Turkey breast (shredded) – Every balanced meal includes some protein. Select turkey from the middle of the breast because it is least likely to have absorbed the fatty, salty brine and leave the skin off. 

Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene and fiber. Mash up some of the boiled sweet potatoes before any butter or spices are added.

Carrots – Carrots are low calorie and high in fiber and vitamin A. They are also high in sugar though so you may want to skip them if your dog is diabetic. 

Green Beans – Green beans are filling and low calorie. 

Cranberries – Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants. 

Apple slices – Apples are a sweet treat for your pup. Just make sure you have removed the seeds and skin.

Pumpkin – Pumpkin can help regulate your dog’s digestive tract. Whether the pumpkin is steamed, baked, or canned make sure that nothing has been added to it. 

Remember to keep the portion sizes small if you are using several different foods so you don’t stuff your pet with foods their tummy is not used to.


Kroger grocery stores will donate a percentage of your purchases to ASVT. Every time you shop. ASVT receives about $300 per quarter from about 250 families signed up. Be sure to use your Kroger Plus Card or Alt-ID at checkout. 

Use the link below to sign in or create a Kroger account. When you edit your Kroger Community Rewards information, be sure to enter ASVTs NPO# HJ136. THANK YOU Kroger shoppers!




You can visit our website to sign up to volunteer and/or foster and donate using our DONATE button. Donations help us pay for medical expenses, food, supplies and transporting animals to areas with high adoption needs. 

ASVT also sponsors a Spay/Neuter Program for community animals whose owners cannot afford to have their pets altered. This helps decrease the rise of community puppies and kittens that will end up in the shelters.

The accomplishments of ASVT would not be possible without partners like Wiesner Automotive, Empire Electric, Ransom’s Steakhouse, Animal Hospital of Montgomery, Bruce and Toni Sellers, Dock Line Magazine and so many more. 

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