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6 Essentials for Walking your Dog in the Rain

6 Essentials for Walking your Dog in the Rain

6 Essentials for Walking your Dog in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers,” as the saying goes. But if you’ve lived in Texas for any period of time, you know the rain doesn’t stop there. The fickleness of Texas weather means you need to be prepared for unexpected precipitation any day, and sometimes any moment. And that includes having on hand some essential items for walking your dog in the rain!

Just like you, your dog will be healthiest with regular, daily exercise. Taking your dog for a walk every day helps them maintain a healthy weight, manage their stress levels, expend excess (sometimes destructive) energy outside the home, and relieve themselves. Along with your dog, you also receive health benefits of walking every day outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Just because the weather gets a bit damp, it doesn’t mean you should skip out on walking your dog in the rain and keeping up with all of these benefits. Just be prepared!

Having a few items on hand can keep your dog (and you!) more comfortable and dry for that daily walk. Here are 6 essentials for walking your dog in the rain.

1. Raincoat

Not all dogs enjoy getting wet. If your dog is a bit more on the fussy side, walking your dog in the rain can be a challenge. But a raincoat might help! A raincoat for your dog can help keep them dry and warm in the rain so they can still enjoy their walk. Plus, they will look adorable! There are many varieties and styles of raincoats for dogs. Check with your favorite local pet store to see what they have. Or browse the many varieties online.

2. Umbrella

Okay, so maybe you struggle with getting your dog to wear a raincoat (or anything for that matter). If you’re walking your dog in the rain and still want them to stay warm and dry, try an umbrella! Did you know that they make dog umbrellas? These nifty gadgets are a leash/umbrella combo that keeps your pup sheltered during a damp walk. It also gives you a free hand to hold your own umbrella so you can enjoy your walk, too. Or if you don’t mind the rain so much, it gives you a free hand to feel less restrained for a relaxing, drizzly stroll.

3. Rain booties

Does your dog hate stepping in wet things? Or do you live in an area that gets particularly muddy when it rains? Either way, one of the biggest challenges of walking your dog in the rain is your pup’s paws getting wet and muddy. And if you don’t catch them in time, all that moisture and mud gets tracked all over your house after the walk. This can be especially frustrating if you’ve just finished a deep spring cleaning of your house. 

If this all sounds relatable, get your pooch some rain booties to wear while walking your dog in the rain to keep their sensitive paws clean and dry! It might take some getting used to at first. But many dogs actually enjoy their booties, especially if they’re not fans of getting wet.

4. Reflective/High visibility gear

The safety of both you and your dog is always a concern when walking your dog in the rain. It’s extra cloudy and dim. And depending on the heaviness of the rain, visibility can be extremely limited. This becomes a safety issue if you walk anywhere near a road. People driving often have trouble seeing far ahead of them. Also, the roads are slick, and stopping suddenly is more difficult. 

Therefore, whatever you can do to make you and your dog more visible while walking your dog in the rain helps! Wearing high visibility gear that is bright and reflective will help you be more easily spotted. Also, make sure your dog is also outfitted with a reflective collar, leash, or harness. That way, if you get separated your dog is easy to spot as well. You may want to also carry a flashlight with you just in case you walk your dog in the evening.

5. Towels

Even with all of these precautions, you and your dog are likely to bring a little moisture and mud to your doorstep. Prepare for this inevitability with some clean, dry towels stationed at your door! Give your pup a run down with a good, absorbent towel to keep them from shaking their wet coat all over your furniture. And don’t forget their paws to keep from getting muddy paw prints all over your carpet. Also, don’t forget to stash an extra towel to dry yourself off, too!

6. Alternate routes

Lastly, have alternate or shorter routes in mind for walking your dog in the rain. As we’ve discussed, roads can be a little extra dangerous when it rains. Try to stay off the roads and avoid highly trafficked areas, even if that’s your normal route. 

Additionally, even in a heavy downpour, your dog will still need to go outside for a walk to relieve itself. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or don’t have a backyard. With the addition of the other essentials for walking your dog in the rain, also have a short route dedicated to those days when Texas is really pouring it down!

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