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Familia Americana: They Come for Our Children

Familia Americana: They Come for Our Children

“Socialism is forced government conformity – whether of religion, ideas, speech, production, the economy, education, health, our social and cultural institutions, you name it.”

They Come for Our Children

September 9, 2021, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) leadership sends a letter to President Biden declaring that education leaders and school board members across the country were “facing growing threats of violence and acts of intimidation by parents.” October 4, 2021, the United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, directs the FBI and other U.S. Attorney Generals to use their “authority and resources to discourage these threats, identify them, and prosecute them.” The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) then announces plans to create a federal taskforce to address the “rise in criminal conduct towards school personnel.” (All statements are public information.) 

Why should this alarm us?

Because he who controls a generation, our children, controls the future.

Parents are the best line of defense for keeping government agencies, institutions, and others from having unrestricted access to our children. 

Children are not only vital for the continuation of our species, but they are fundamental to shaping the future of our world. The ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of one generation often become the implemented policies of the next one.

We the People were given the narrative that parents pose a threat to school personnel for voicing their concerns in large numbers (“growing threats”). In actuality, parents nationwide were rejecting the same issues and raising the same alarms, effectively challenging the system and those in authority. 

At the crux of these grievances are three: 1) the rejection of Critical Race Theory, which is the pedagogy of the oppressed (Marxism!), 2) the sexualization of our children (sexually-explicit reading material in libraries and classrooms; adults engaging in impermissible conversations over sexual orientation, identity or preferences with our children; and coordinated efforts by school officials to withhold information from parents), and 3) the ineffective and unconstitutional two-year mask mandate that some schools districts still refuse to lift.

When was the last time a national school board organization joined forces with federal agencies to “discourage” parents from appearing to engage in “criminal conduct” (as posited by the DOJ!)? The goal here is to keep parents from exerting influence over what is being taught in schools. Parents are not engaging in “criminal conduct” and we will not pretend it is.  

The FBI and DOJ – the top dogs in federal law enforcement – whose authority it is to handle international and domestic terrorism disturbances, essentially placed a target on parents for exercising their First Amendment rights in defense of their children. To be clear, parents who attend school board meetings and engage in freedom of speech and of assembly, include moms, dads, grandparents, legal guardians, and the average taxpayer with a vested interest in understanding how their taxes are being used in the school system.  

This cannot become precedent!

The greatest conduit for freedom and greatest deterrent to government tyranny is our constitutional republic and the United States Constitution. It is this unique form of government that allows the United States of America to guarantee government protection of certain inalienable rights. Rights that are bestowed by our Creator. For without a Creator, we are simply governed by man. That last sentence is worth re-reading.

And yet, our constitutional republic is under constant attack. The very freedoms it secures for its citizens are a threat to the failed ideology that is socialism, and to the hoax that is the “socialist utopia”.

Socialism is forced government conformity – whether of religion, ideas, speech, production, the economy, education, health, our social and cultural institutions, you name it. The government gains more control over time and does not easily surrender it – if at all. 

The key to achieving the change from a free society to a controlled one, is through our children. 

In the 1920’s USSR, Stalin’s government took control of all education (from nursery schools through universities), revising the curriculum, and threatening those who opposed the new lessons with losing their jobs or incarceration. 

Adolf Hitler in the 1940s indoctrinated the youth to “better prepare them” to support the State. German children were treated well and trained to fight. Schools taught Nazi ideology and demanded obedience to the State. Parents had no say in their children’s education. 

In 1950s Cuba, Fidel Castro’s Children of the Party were taught to love the revolution and the Communist Party. Children attended “reform schools” five days a week, where they learned communist ideology and were sent home on weekends to spy on their parents. To date, parents have no rights over their children’s upbringing. 

In 2021, a private Facebook group called “The Anti-Racist Parents of Loudon County” in Virginia, was used to identify and target parents who were speaking up at school board meetings. The group had over 600 members which included parents, teachers, and school board members. 

In all of these cases, the State used fear, force, elimination of rights, indoctrination, and the eventual possession of the children.

In March of 2022, the Washington Examiner reported how in California classrooms, teachers actively engage in the indoctrination of children. Activities that aim to evaluate a student’s sexuality (desires and interests) are common. Ground rules that students must follow include “what happens in class (or clubs) stays in class (or clubs).”

There are countless stories like these across America where our children are being indoctrinated in schools and through social media. 

We the People must stand firm against all efforts to surrender our freedom and evidently, transform the government from a “guarantor of our rights” to the “source of those rights. “

Hispanics know government tyranny, oppression, corruption, and socialism in its fascist and Marxist forms. And as a Hispanic parent who understands history, it is my duty to bring awareness to the danger that is before us. 

This is a battle that we cannot lose and it is one that transcends politics, religions, and creeds. Our children are our own, not the government’s. 

We must look after them, preserve their innocence and allow them to have a childhood. The deflection around us is purposeful and we will not lose focus.  

Hispanics are conservative, and as for me and mine, we will defend our faith, family, and freedom. 

Socialism has no place in America.

Socialists don’t sleep and neither shall we.

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