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The Best Ways to Preserve Vacation Memories

The Best Ways to Preserve Vacation Memories

Going on a vacation has its benefits for the whole family. Children experience new things, and adults get a break from work to relax. Making life-long memories is one of the best parts of going on a family vacation. Capture the fun times you have by recording family memories along the way. There are plenty of simple and creative ways to preserve vacation memories personalized to you. Here are eight tips to relive and share your vacation memories: 

  • Start a vacation tradition
  • Take free keepsakes
  • Disposable cameras
  • Vlog on vacation
  • Buy a cheesy souvenir 
  • Novelty picture frames
  • Vacation scrapbook
  • Memory boxes 

Start a vacation tradition

On each vacation you have, continue a tradition that makes for great vacation memories. Having a family tradition creates stronger bonds while doing fun activities. Plus, repeating the same activity every day or every vacation takes some of the stress out of planning and budgeting. Capture vacation memories every day by taking 1 Second Everyday videos or recreating a family photo every year. 

Take free keepsakes

Saving vacation memories doesn’t have to be expensive when you appreciate the smaller details. You will quickly realize how many mementos are around you to keep for free. For instance, you can bring home sand from a beach vacation or a coin from a foreign country. Anywhere you go, you can save receipts, tickets, and maps as a small piece of where you have been. Your vacation keepsakes can be used for other crafts we will mention later. 

Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras have been making a comeback in pop culture for their nostalgia factor. They are also easier to travel with and less expensive than DSLRs or digital point-and-shoot cameras. The film quality of your pictures and the delayed gratification of seeing the results make disposable cameras unique from taking photos with your smartphone. Check out a list of the best disposable cameras to travel with here

Vlog on vacation

In addition to taking and saving photos, be sure to capture short videos with your family on your vacation. Vlogs, or video logs, have been on the internet for decades and have only become more popular with the technology of smartphones. Videos capture stories and personalities in a way that photos and journals cannot. It might seem ridiculous to film every little thing on vacation, but your kids will appreciate reliving the fun memories and the minor things. Make sure to keep your smartphone protected at attractions like waterparks and amusement parks. 

Buy a cheesy souvenir

If you have some money left over in your vacation budget, why not spend it on a souvenir you can’t get anywhere else? Souvenir shops are known to be high-priced and full of tchotchkes. But if you can find something that makes your family smile like a plushie or a wall display, we say it’s worth the splurge. Of course, a souvenir doesn’t have to be cheesy to be meaningful, but a little tackiness never hurt anyone. 

Novelty picture frames

Now that you have taken your vacation photos and come back home, display your vacation memories in a unique way. Novelty picture frames meant for vacation memories will take your family photos to the next level. But novelty doesn’t have to mean tacky. Picture frames can tell stories about where you have traveled and where you are looking to travel to next. They can also come in creative shapes like state and country outlines. 

Vacation scrapbook

When you are feeling adventurous and artistic with preserving your vacation memories, create a custom vacation scrapbook. Scrapbooking brings vacation photos to life with a combination of art supplies and personal touches. After your photos are printed, arrange them to form a story and begin playing with layouts. Then you can add additional media like scrapbook paper, stickers, and paper keepsakes from your vacation. Scrapbooks make for a great coffee table centerpiece or something to store with your photo albums.  

Memory boxes

The last way to store photos and physical keepsakes from your vacation is to craft a memory box. Memory boxes are usually designed with people, themes, or locations in mind. Any collections of mementos you own can be made into a memory box whether it’s a trip to Disney World or the entire summer break. Decorate your memory box with travel maps or what most reminds you of your vacation. Then store everything to come back to and relive your vacation memories. 

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