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9 Easy Ways to Support Local Artists in Your Community

9 Easy Ways to Support Local Artists in Your Community

9 Easy Ways to Support Local Artists in Your Community

Art has always played a large role in creating culture and bringing communities together. Additionally, endorsing local artists is a prime way to give back to the community. Many community members create art or perform as side hustles to express themselves. It’s incredibly fulfilling to support artists by shopping in proximity to you, effectively boosting the local economy. If you don’t know where to start or how to support local artists on a budget, we’ve got a list of tips for you. These are nine ways to support local artists in your community:

  • Attend arts and crafts events
  • Engaging with their social media pages
  • Stream live performances and music
  • Tip live performers
  • Buy from online stores
  • Support community theatre
  • Gift someone local art
  • Pay for a commission piece
  • Make donations

Attend arts and crafts events

Cities often honor and display their local artists at established art and crafts markets. These events are crucial for local artists to gain exposure in their communities. Not only do these events get more eyes on their work, but people have a chance to talk with local artists directly. Make sure to ask for a business card or where else you can support them!

Engaging with their social media pages

If an artist or venue has a social media page, take the opportunity to boost it to support them. Artists and followers alike benefit from social media by establishing a virtual connection. Following an artist’s page means knowing the latest news on new products, performances, and promotions. Engaging by liking, commenting, and sharing also promotes local artists to your social media connections.

Stream live performances and music

During the pandemic, many artists utilized accessible technology to bring entertainment to the homes of their local communities. While many businesses have reverted to in-person events, some continue to stream performances online. Live-streamed productions are also convenient for those in other cities to support local artists they otherwise could not travel to see. 

Additionally, streaming services have provided financial support to musicians whose work is online. Artists can earn small amounts of money every time their music is streamed, depending on the service. Although artists receive the minority of revenue from streaming services, listening to their songs on the go helps artists regardless. 

Tip live performers

Live performances take their talent to local bars and restaurants, community events, and the streets. The best way to support local artists on the streets, commonly known as buskers, is to leave them a tip. Some people see buskers as an inconvenience, but it is not easy to do what they do. Before you walk by an artist trying to make ends meet, see what you can do to help fund their art.   

Buy from online stores

Before you go to Amazon or a department store, shop for imaginative artwork and products from online stores of local artists. These days, even one-person operations have websites or host shops on online marketplaces like Etsy. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to seek out new vendors from different parts of the country. A great online store is a sign of a credible and polished artist. 

Support community theatre

When most people think of local artistry, they think of visual artists. But often the artists that deserve more attention are the actors and technicians that make community theatre. Community theatre can provide a night of entertainment for families at an affordable price. Plays and musicals bring compelling stories to life through the talent of local artists and community support. Find community theatre venues and companies near you here

Gift someone local art

Share the joy of local artistry with the people around you by gifting them products from the community. Small artists and local businesses rely on word of mouth to spread awareness about their work. Gift-giving is a step above word-of-mouth promotion and is a win-win for all involved. Decorative wall art and even sculptures make great housewarming gifts for your loved ones. 

Pay for a commission piece

Go above and beyond to support local artists by paying for a commission piece. Commissions allow for personalized requests for artwork you won’t find anywhere else. Custom art pieces are great for home projects like accent walls and built-in features. Working with a local artist can be more affordable and convenient than searching for a specific illustration or image. 

Make donations

When you can’t find the time to window shop for art or watch a show, donations are a sure way to keep artists going. Artists and art institutions are often limited by budgets and a lack of available funds. Donating to a non-profit like a museum, charity, or collective ensures artists are funded to create and exhibit their work. However, donating isn’t limited to cash. Volunteer your time to organizations that support local artists at galleries or small venues. 

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