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A Crash Course in Insurance: Inflation & Insurance

A Crash Course in Insurance: Inflation & Insurance

Well……..it ain’t pretty folks! Inflation has a choke hold on our economy and it’s killing our budget and creating financial problems across the country!  Certainly, a scary situation to think about where it could go, or how it could affect our individual households should we face unforeseen obstacles. 

I know ya’ll hate to hear this, but it’s my job to tell you that NOW – more than ever, is the time to make sure your insurance is in good order and your household is properly protected! It’s critical that your policies are adjusting with this crazy inflation and your coverage will truly be an advocate should you need protection during these expensive times! 

A few things to consider with regards to inflation, your coverage and your budget.

Is the Dwelling coverage on your homeowner’s adjusting with inflation? If your policy doesn’t automatically adjust and you haven’t made any modifications with your agent – your policy is way outdated in this inflationary environment. 

Do your Home or Auto insurance deductibles still work for your current financial situation?  Have you asked for new or updated options? If the economy has put a strain on your emergency savings or has you worried about your out-of-pocket costs – you might consider new options to better fit these times! 

Do you have enough coverage for your personal belongings with your content coverage? Can you replace your household possessions for the same amount you purchased them for 2-3-5 years ago? The cost to replace your personal property (Homeowner or Renter) is not exempt from the rising costs we are all experiencing! Check to make sure that coverage is in good order!

Have you seen your insurance increase 15%-20%-30% or more? Have you taken the time to shop your insurance with a reputable company and local agent!? There is money to be saved and great coverage to be placed for those interested in taking the time to make some sound financial decisions! 

If your budget needs some relief, we have surprisingly great rates for auto, home and renters insurance!  Or if you simply need free advice or a genuine recommendation, without any obligation – you can call us anytime 

@ Jimmy Thompson State Farm

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