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Lone Star Floors: Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Lone Star Floors: Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Lone Star Floors
Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Much More than Floors!

Maybe you’ve heard the name, or passed by the building on I-45, but did you know that Lone Star Floors offers much more than flooring? With a legacy of excellent customer service and decades of experience, Lone Star Floors also offers major kitchen, bathroom and other home renovations in addition to flooring. The team offers a wealth of knowledge concerning home remodeling, and each employee will take the time to walk you through what is best for your home.


A Legacy of Excellent Customer Service

Along with his two cousins, Mohamed Naser has owned and operated Lone Star Floors in The Woodlands since 1995. With 33 years of experience, the family-owned business is one of the top-rated flooring and renovation companies in the area. After thousands of remodels and relationships formed, the company has a reputation that speaks for itself. Trust, loyalty and solid relationships play a key role in the success of Lone Star Floors.

When you come to Lone Star Floors, you’re getting more than flooring and remodeling—but the guarantee of a job well done. The company only hires experienced labor men, from electricians to remodeling crews, who have worked together with Lone Star Floors for over a decade if not longer. “This gives us an advantage because these people are our friends,” says Mohamed. “We know what they’re like and we know their prices.”

At Lone Star Floors, each staff member is dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for in your home. “This business is all about service,” states Mohamed. “All of our employees have knowledge and several years of experience.” Even if you’re not sure what you want, the team can assess your needs and determine what is best. Bring them your wish list, and let the experts make your dream a reality!

Customers have raved about the quality, expertise and helpful customer service at Lone Star Floors for years. Here is just one review that contributes to their 4.9 star rating on Google Reviews.

We had several damages in our house from the ice storm in 2021. Having to replace 3+ rooms of floors due to water damage, baseboards and other small fixes. Thankfully we went to Lone Star Floors and Ammar took care of everything, he gave us an excellent selection and the best prices in the market. Ammar is a very knowledgeable person who answered all of our questions and provided support for small repairs. He is also great at following up and is on top of schedule, being very focused on customer satisfaction. – Itzel Vital


Trust the Pros

Over the years, our culture has developed a DIY mentality, inspiring people to do things on their own. In 2020 we learned to cut our own hair and even make our own bread. It can be fun and exciting to learn a new skill on your own. However, when it comes to home remodeling, it is wise to get professional guidance.

Mohamed says he’s seen too many disasters when homeowners use cheap materials to do a project on their own. “There’s more to it than taking the tile off of your shower wall and putting new tile on,” he points out. “We have the right materials and experience to remodel your home and do it right the first time.”

Lone Star Floors offers customers the ability to go through one company for the entire renovation project. Remodeling Manager Ammar Yousef brings over 30 years of experience to Lone Star Floors. Ammar will do whatever it takes to make your dream home a reality, and see you through every phase of the remodeling process. Once the remodeling team is there, they work hard and don’t leave until the job is done.

You can skip the headache of looking for contractors and handymen. Lone Star Floors has strong relationships with electricians and plumbing professionals, in addition to their own installation and remodeling crews. The remodeling team at Lone Star Floors specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, and of course—floors! Here are some of the latest remodeling trends that Lone Star Floors can help you with.



Your kitchen experiences the most activity in your home, and you deserve a space that works well for all the cooking, cleaning, and gathering. Lone Star Floors knows how to transform an average kitchen into a gorgeous space that allows for flow, functionality and flare. The renovation team can do anything whether it’s cabinets, door knobs, lighting, paint jobs, countertops, sinks and even a full kitchen remodel.

There are many ways to update and transform your kitchen. If you need some inspiration, here are some projects that Lone Star Floors specializes in:

  • New functional and stylish cabinetry
  • Unique backsplashes that showcase your style
  • Gorgeous granite countertops
  • High-end tile or wood flooring
  • An open concept layout
  • Multi-purpose kitchens
  • Outdoor kitchens



Next to kitchens, bathrooms are another space that can affect your lifestyle depending on how well it was built. The team at Lone Star Floors knows exactly how to maximize your space while staying in your budget.

Are you looking to convert your bathtub into a shower? Make your bathroom into a mini spa, or add a splash of color and texture that reflects your personality. You can also brighten up the space with more light fixtures near the shower and underneath cabinets. Updated sinks and touchless faucets add just the right amount of modern sophistication. Some of the latest shower trends include frameless showers, double showers, walk-in showers, steam showers and more. Whatever your fancy, Lone Star Floors will make it happen.



And last but not least, Lone Star Floors offers a wide variety of floor remodeling materials. Mohamed says the most popular kind of flooring these days is Vinyl Plank, which is vinyl flooring that comes in long strips and provides a realistic look of wood or stone. Unlike sheet vinyl or vinyl tile, vinyl plank flooring is much thicker, better quality and even water and scratch resistant. “It’s even husband proof,” adds Mohamed. Lone Star Floors also carries a vast selection of wood, carpet, tile, and laminate flooring.


The Future is Bright

Mohamed says that in the future, The Woodlands location of Lone Star Floors will bring in a lighting selection and offer outdoor grills. The company has begun to take on more outdoor kitchen remodeling projects as well, expanding their capabilities and services.

Mohamed jokes that he prefers not to deal with husbands unless they have a list from their wives, and he will often ask to check with their wives before moving forward. Whether it’s a honey-do list or a wish list, bring in all your big ideas to Lone Star Floors. The team will make your dream a reality!


To get in contact with Lone Star Floors, you can reach them online at www.lonestarfloors.com. You can also find them at three different locations:

Lone Star Floors – Sugar Land: 10009 Highway 6 South
Between Bissonnet & Old Richmond,
Sugar Land TX 77498.
Phone: 281-564-1345

Lone Star Floors – Katy: 873 Mason Rd., #300 Katy, TX
Phone: 281-398-2319

Lone Star Floors – Spring: 24627 I-45 North Suite #A
Between Hardy Toll Rd & Rayford, Sawdust
The Woodlands / Spring, TX 77380
Phone: 832-813-0813

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